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di-vizh'-un: Used in English Versions of the Bible in the following senses:
(1) A separate body of people (a) of the tribal divisions of Israel (Josh 11:23; 12:7; 18:10); (b) of sections of a tribe, "the divisions of Reuben" (Jdg 5:15,16 the King James Version; but the Revised Version (British and American) rightly substitutes "the watercourses of Reuben"; in Job 20:17 the same word is rendered "rivers"); (c) of the (late) organization of priests and Levites into classes or families who ministered in the temple in rotation; translated "courses" generally in the King James Version, and always in the Revised Version (British and American) (1 Ch 24:1; 26:1,12,19; Neh 11:36; compare 2 Ch 35:5). Much prominence is given by the Chronicler to the 24 classes of priests, singers, and doorkeepers, who served in turns in the temple (compare Lk 1:5,8).
(3) In the New Testament, dissension, disunion, schism (Lk 12:51; Rom 16:17; 1 Cor 3:3 the King James Version, omitted the Revised Version (British and American); 1 Cor 1:10; 11:18; Gal 5:20).
D. Miall Edwards
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Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor. "Definition for 'division'". "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". - ISBE; 1915.

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