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hil'-kun-tri: The common translation of three Hebrew words:
(1) gibh`ah, from root meaning "to be curved," is almost always translated "hill"; it is a pecuIiarly appropriate designation for the very rounded hills of Israel; it is never used for a range of mountains. Several times it occurs as a place-name, "Gibeah of Judah" (Josh 15:20,57); "Gibeah of Benjamin" or "Saul" (Jdg 19:12-16, etc.); "Gibeah of Phinehas" (Josh 24:33 margin), etc. (see GIBEAH). Many such hills were used for idolatrous rites (1 Ki 14:23; 2 Ki 17:10; Jer 2:20, etc.).
(2) har, frequently translated in the King James Version "hill," is in the Revised Version (British and American) usually translated "mountain" (compare Gen 7:19; Josh 15:9; 18:15 f, and many other references), or "hillcountry." Thus we have the "hill-country of the Amorites" (Dt 1:7,19,20); the "hill-country of Gilead" (Dt 3:12); the "hill-country of Ephraim" (Josh 17:15,16,18; 19:50; 20:7, etc.); the "hill-country of Judah" (Josh 11:21; 20:7; 21:11; 2 Ch 27:4, etc.; and (he oreine) Lk 1:39,65); the "hill-country of Naphtali" (Josh 20:7). For geographical descriptions see PALESTINE; COUNTRY; EPHRAIM; JUDAH, etc.
(3) `ophel, is translated by "hill" in 2 Ki 5:24; Isa 32:14; Mic 4:8, but may possibly mean "tower" or "fort." In other passages the word occurs with the article as a place-name.
E. W. G. Masterman
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Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor. "Definition for 'HILL, HILL COUNTRY'". "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". - ISBE; 1915.

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