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Almond Tree and Blossoms Almond Tree and Blossoms
An almond tree and blossoms.
Aquilaria Agallochum Aquilaria Agallochum
It growss to a height of one hundred and twenty feet, being twelve feet in girth.
Anise Anise
Umbeliferous plant, this are aromatic and has long been used for cookery and medicine.
Common Dill Common Dill
Umbeliferous plant, this are aromatic and has long been used for cookery and medicine.
Lawsonia Alba Lawsonia Alba
Lawsonia Alba when young is without thorns, and when older is spinous. The henna plant grows in Egytp, Syria, Arabia and N. India.
Common Red Corral of the Medittarenaean Common Red Corral of the Medittarenaean
Branch of coral in the left and part of the branch that has been enlarged on the right.
Ebony Ebony
One of the valuable commodities imported to Tyre by the men of Dedan.
Fig Fig
Very common in Palestine. It`s fruit is well-known and highly esteemed article of food.
Nigella Saliva Nigella Saliva
Leguminous plants allied to beans.
Fox of the Nile Fox of the Nile
The fox seen in the Nile.
Colocynth Colocynth
Is also known as bitter apple, bitter cucumber, egusi, or vine of Sodom.
Branch and Tree of Carob Tree Branch and Tree of Carob Tree
Branch and fruit of Carob tree.
Common Leek Common Leek
Common leek, derived from a root signifying to be green and may therefore stand in this passage for any green food, lettuce, endive etc.
Fenugreek Fenugreek
Plant in the family of Fabaceae and is used both as an herb and a spice.
Lentile Lentile
A small leguminous bean-like plant.
Scarlet Martagon Scarlet Martagon
Scarlet Martagon or the Lily of Chalcedonia is a flower that has brilliant color.
Jews Mallow Jews Mallow
A shrubby saline plant, the young tops as sometimes used as food like spinach.
Orach Orach
A shrubby saline plant.
The Mandrake The Mandrake
The common name of the members of the plant genus Mandragora belonging to the nightshades family.
French Tamarisk French Tamarisk
Can be found on the south west England of France. It`s a shrub that grows from 5-10 feet tall.
Alhagi Maurorum Alhagi Maurorum
Also called the Persian Manna which was supposed to yield the manna of the scripture.
Mastich Mastich
The tree only occurs in the Apocrypha where the margin of the A.V. has "lentisk".
Watermelon Watermelon
It may have been introduced into Egypt in the early times and considered to indigenous to India.
Musk-melon Musk-melon
Cultivated in the same place and ripens at the same time as the watermelon.
Indian Millet Indian Millet
A native of India long cultivated as forage and as food for man and animals.
Common Millet Common Millet
An annual grass native to India, which is universally cultivated in the East.
Mustard-tree Mustard-tree
The mustard tree is considered scientifically as a condiment rather than a tree.
Black Mustard Black Mustard
Contains the hard seed which is round in shape.
Myrrh-tree Myrrh-tree
One of the ingredients of the holy ointment in Esth. ii 12 as one of the substance used in the purification of women.
Croton Rock-rose Croton Rock-rose
Croton rock-rose.
Common Myrtle Common Myrtle
A common shrub or tree in southern Europe.
Pistachio Tree Pistachio Tree
Syria and Palestine have been long famous for pistachio-trees.
Walnut Tree Walnut Tree
To Josephus, walnut-tree was formerly common and grew most luxuriantly around the lake of Genesareth.
Abrahams Oak Abrahams Oak
Abrahams oak-from a photograph by J. Graham.
Zackum Tree Zackum Tree
Also know as Oil-tree, a shrub or small tree abundant in the plain of Jordan and found all the way from the peninsula of India and Ganges, to Syrian, Abysyria and the Niger.
Olive-tree Olive-tree
The olive-tree grows freely almost everywhere on the shores of the Mediterranean but it was peculiarly abundant in Palestine.
Date-palm Tree Date-palm Tree
Grew very abundantly in many parts of Levant, but was regarded by the ancients as peculiar characteristics of Palestine and neighboring region.
The Fruit of Date-palm The Fruit of Date-palm
The fruit of date-palm.
Pomegranate Pomegranate
Pomegranate was early cultivated in Egypt.
Papyrus Plant or Paper Reed Papyrus Plant or Paper Reed
Papyrus plant or paper reed.
Reed Reed
An Egyptian plant, six to twelve feet high, found in swamps, found and streams. Used for thatching, fencing gardens etc.
Lemon Grass Lemon Grass
Fragrant grass that grows abundantly in tropical countries.
Shittah Tree Shittah Tree
A specie of Acacia.
Balm of Gilead Balm of Gilead
The balm of Gilead tree grows in some part of Arabia and Africa, and is seldom more than fifteen feet high, with straggling branches and scanty foliage.
Tragacanth Tragacanth
Several of which genus occurs in Palestine.
Spikenard Spikenard
An aromatic substance mentioned in Cant. i 12, iv. 13,14.
Fig Mulberry Fig Mulberry
Fig mulberry of Sycamore of the Scriptures.
Black Mulberry Black Mulberry
Common in Syria and Palestine and is largely cultivated for supplying food to the silk-worm.
Tares Tares
A leguminous plant of the bean kind.
European Box-thorn European Box-thorn
European box-thorn occurs in Palestine.
Caltrop Caltrop
A thorny plant.
Thyine-wood Thyine-wood
Lady Calcott says that the wood is dark nut brown, close-grained and very fragrant.
Egyptian Wheat Egyptian Wheat
A well known variable cereal, cultivated from the earliest times, and frequently mentioned in the Bible.
Weeping Willow Weeping Willow
It grows abundantly in the bank of Euphrates, in other parts of Asia, Palestine and North Africa.
The Papyrus Reed The Papyrus Reed
The papyrus reed.