Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Assyrian Warfare - War Chariots

Assyrian War Chariots of the Early Period Assyrian War Chariots of the Early Period
War chariots of the Assyrian are made either of iron or steel.
Head of Chariot Horse Head of Chariot Horse
War horses wear a bell around their neck to accustom them to the noise.
Standards Standards
Illustration of standard, Nimroud.
Khorsabad Standard Khorsabad Standard
An image of Khorsabad Standard.
Horse Trappings Horse Trappings
Illustration of a horse-trappings, Khorsabad.
Chariot Horse Chariot Horse
Image of a chariot horse, Nimroud.
Riding Horse Gear Riding Horse Gear
Illustration of a man riding a horse, Nimroud.
Chariots for Three Combatants Chariots for Three Combatants
Chariots for three combatants, from the Palace of Assurbanipal. Louvre. Drawn by Bourgoin.
Assyrian War-Chariot Assyrian War-Chariot
An ancient Assyrian war chariot. The sides of this war-chariot has quivers full of arrow, between the horses are richly embroidered appendage and a bossed shield of the king s placed at the back of the chariot for protection.
Assyrian War Chariot Assyrian War Chariot
An ancient Assyrian war chariot from the sculptures of Nimroud. Two quivers full of arrows were attached to the sides of the chariot.