Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Assyrian Warfare - Armours

Scale Armour Nimroud Scale Armour Nimroud
In the early times of Assyria the warrior were sometimes very completely in scale armour.
Cuirass Cuirass
An image showing the cuirasses from Khorsabad.
Trowsers and Buskins Trowsers and Buskins
It was customary during the era of Khorsabad and Kouyunjic to wear closely fitting trowsers.
Indian Mail Shirt Indian Mail Shirt
Shirts of chain-mail are still in used by the Koordish warriors, as they are by the Afghans, and the martial races of the Northern India.
Helmets Helmets
Illustration of varying designs of helmet.
Arm-Guard Arm-Guard
This was used on during the more ancient period.