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Treason in Rome

coins_agrippa_1_small.gifAgrippa obtained another loan, this time a huge loan from a Samaritan freedmen of Tiberius, which gave Agrippa the ability to pay off his debt to Antonia and also to impress Gaius with lavish spending. Agrippa made an unwise remark to Gaius, which was overheard by a servant:

One day these friends were riding out together in a chariot, and Eutychus, a freedman, was their charioteer. In the course of conversation, Agrippa enthusiastically stretched out his hands and said confidingly to Caligula that he wished that old Tiberius would die, that Caius Caligula might assume the purple and the throne. The freedman, overhearing the remark, reported it to the emperor Tiberius, who at once peremptorily ordered Agrippa to be put in chains and then imprisoned for treason. The order was executed, and wearing his robe of distinction, Agrippa was placed among the criminals of the state.