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Tiberius Caesar

coins_agrippa_1_small.gifAgrippa finally set sail for Italy and came to see Tiberius Caesar on the island of Capri, where he was received warmly. But soon afterward a complaint arrived from an angry Herennius Capito regarding Agrippa's debt to the treasury.


Coin of Tiberius Caesar

Tiberius gave an order that Agrippa could not have entrance until the debt to the imperial treasury had been paid in full. Later Antonia loaned Agrippa the required sum that he needed to pay off the debt, because of honor bestowed upon his mother Bernice and the fact that he had been raised with Claudius, Antonia's son.

Agrippa was able to return to the island of Capri and approach Tiberius, and Tiberius placed him as a friend of his grandson, Tiberius Gemellus. During that time Agrippa sought to be friends with Antonia's grandson, Gaius, better known as "Caligula."