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coins_agrippa_1_small.gifHerod Agrippa I (Marcus Julius Agrippa) was king in Judea and ruled from 37-44 A.D.. He was born in 10 B.C. according to Josephus (Antiquities 14.9, 2). Agrippa appears to have been a man of gracious manners, very kind, gifted with eloquence, yet filled with vanity. In religion he was a zealous rather than a devout Jew, attentive to "tithe mint and dill and cummin," but neglectful of "the weightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness." He was keenly fond of popularity and possessed much personal magnetism (Ant. 19.6.1-2; 19.7.3). He died suddenly in 44 A.D.

Because of his good connections in Rome, he was the last to unite the Jewish territories. His life illustrates the dependence of the royal family in Judea upon the favor of the Roman emperors of the first century.