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Help from Antipas

coins_agrippa_1_small.gifAgrippa ended up marrying the daughter of Phasael whose name was Cypros, a distant relative. They bore five children: Drusus (who died young), Agrippa, Berenice, Mariamme and Drusilla. Agrippa’s wife Cypros won for him many privileges, including the favor of his sister's husband, Antipas. Antipas gave Agrippa a home, a substantial allowance, and was made the market supervisor (agoranomos) of Antipas' new capital city Tiberias, where he then resided.

Coin of Herod Antipas

It wasn't long before Agrippa found his position to be very inadequate, and it is told that Antipas kept it that way to scorn him. Matters came to a head one evening at Tyre during a feast when Antipas reproached Agrippa for his poverty and claimed that he owed the very food he was eating to Antipas.