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Map of Israel in New Testament Times
Map of Israel in the Time of Jesus Christ.

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Maps are great for studying and illustrating the geographical terrain of the ancient world. From the Life of Jesus to the Journeys of Paul and the Apostles these maps are a blessing for the serious student of the Scriptures. Without a terrain map it is hard to discover some of the fabulous topography of Biblical places. For example in Israel the Dead Sea region is the deepest land trench in the entire world. To travel from Jerusalem to Jericho was quite a descent into that region. Jerusalem was 2500 ft above sea level and Jericho was 850 feet below sea level and the distance was about 23 miles. This made it almost a vertical descent. 

Luke 10:30 "And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead."

God is the author of geography and because He knows the end from the beginning He used geography to help form the great kingdoms of the ancient world. He set mountains in strategic locations to halt prideful man from conquering certain places too easily. 


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Map of the Physical Features of Palestine 

Map of the Ancient Territory of Palestine

Map of Palestine Benjamin

Map of Jerusalem

Map of the Ancient Near East

Map of Lower Galilee

Map of Upper Galilee

Map of the Northern Negev 

Map of Palestine Bodies of Water

Map of Samaria

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Map of the Coastal Plain (Northern)

Map of the Coastal Plain (Southern)

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Map of the Philistine Valley of Sorek

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Map of Canaan - Twelve Tribe Portions 

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Map of Adriatic Sea

Map of Pharaonic Egypt

Map of The Amalekites Territory

Map of The Ammonites Territory

Map of Amorite Settlements

Map of the Territory of Asher

Map of Ancient Nubia

Mount Ararat Comparison

Map of Ancient Aram

Map of the Campaigns of Alexander the Great

Map of Asia in Roman Times

Map of the Wanderings of the Patriarchs

Map of Assyrian Expansion

Map of Canaanite Nations

Map of the Nations Defeated by King David

Map of the Decapolis and its Cities

Map of the Edomite Territory

Map of Egypt in Bible Times

Map of the Route of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt

Map of Galilee and Northern Palestine

Map of Judea and Southern Palestine

Map of the Kingdom of David and Solomon

1949 Map of Israel with boundaries

Map of Jerusalem in New Testament Times and Cross Section

Map of the Profile of the Jordan

Map of Palestine During Joshua's Time

Map of the Period of the Judges and Places

Map of the 7 Churches of Revelation (Asia Minor)

Map of Samaria and Central Palestine

Map of the Roman Empire In the Time of Jesus

Map of Phoenicia in Biblical Times

Map of the Territory of the Philistines

Map of Paul's Missionary Journeys

Map of Palestine in New Testament Times

Map of the Ancient Near East

Satellite Map of the Near East

Map of Judah and Israel During the Period of the Kings

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Map of the Ancient Fertile Crescent (2500 B.C.)

Map of Israel and her Neighbors (2000 B.C.)

Map of the Egyptian Empire (1450 B.C.)

Map of the Assyrian Empire (650 B.C.)

Map of the Babylonian Empire (550 B.C.)

Map of the Donations of Alexandria (34 B.C.)

Map of Paul's First Missionary Journey (48 A.D.)

Map of Paul's Second Missionary Journey (51 A.D.)

Map of the New Testament World

Map of New Testament Asia

Map of New Testament Greece

Map of New Testament Italy

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia

Map of Ancient Trade Routes From Mesopotamia

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