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mot, the wooden bow (ol) bound to the ox's neck: the two are combined, "bands of the yoke" (Leviticus 26:13; Ezekiel 34:27; Jeremiah 2:20, rather "thou hast broken the yoke and burst the bands which I laid on thee," i.e. My laws, setting them at defiance, Jeremiah 5:5; Psalm 2:3). Contrast the world's heavy yoke (1 Kings 12:4; 1 Kings 12:9; 1 Kings 12:11; Isaiah 9:11) with Christ's "easy yoke" (Matthew 11:29-30). Tsemed, a pair of oxen (1 Samuel 11:7), or donkeys (Judges 19:10); a couple of horsemen (Isaiah 21:7); also what land a pair of oxen could plow in a day (Isaiah 5:10, "ten acres," literally, ten yokes; Latin: jugum, jugerum; 1 Samuel 14:14).

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Fausset, Andrew Robert M.A., D.D., "Definition for 'yoke' Fausset's Bible Dictionary". - Fausset's; 1878.

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