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Willows, brook of the

nachal ha'arabim (Isaiah 15:7). Southern boundary of Moab. In Amos 6:14 nachal ha'arabah "the brook of the Arabah." Now called in its upper part wady el Ahsa, and then wady es Safieh, dividing Moab from Idumea. Flowing from E. to W. it forms the southern bound of Moab, turns to the N. in the Arabah, and flows into the southern end of the Dead Sea, so that in Amos' time Moab's southern bound was now become Israel's southern bound and Israel had no enemy W. of the Euphrates. Wady Sufsaf, "willow wady," is still the name of the main branch of the ravine which descends from Kerak to the N. end of the peninsula of the Dead Sea, so that Arabah in Amos 6:14 may mean "willow brook" instead of brook of the Arabah, or Ghor, the southern continuation of the depressed valley of the Jordan and Dead Sea, toward the Red Sea.

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