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Sin (1)

See EXODUS.) Pelusium (Ezekiel 30:15-16), the strength of Egypt, its frontier fortress on the N.E. in contrast to No or Thebes at the far S. of Egypt. From sin, "muddy," as Pelusium comes from flos "mud," "day." So the Arab Teeneh from teen, "mud." But Lepsius explains Pelusium the Philistine town, the last held by the shepherd dynasty (?). A Sallier papyrus records a great battle at Sin between Rameses and the Sheta; here too was the alleged deliverance of Sethos from Sennacherib, mice gnawing by night the Assyrians' bowstrings and shield straps. Herodotus says that Sethos' statue with a mouse in his hands stood in Vulcan's temple, and an inscription, "look on me and learn to reverence the gods." Ezekiel's prophecy "Sin shall have great pain" was fulfilled in the Persian Cambyses' great cruelty to the Egyptians after conquering Psammenitus near Pelusium. Ochus here defeated Nectanebos, the last native king.

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