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A city in the S. of Judah (Joshua 15:32). One of Simeon's cities in Joshua 19:6 Sharuhen; SHAARAIM in 1 Chronicles 4:31. (See SHARUHEN.) The Imperial Bible Dictionary connects Shilhim with Shiloah or Siloam from shaalach "send," waters sent from a fountain (John 9:7; Nehemiah 3:15), and identifies with el Birein, "the wells" four in number, each 25 or 30 ft. deep. The name appears in wady es Serum, which is near and contains "ruins of Serum," khirbet es Seram.

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Fausset, Andrew Robert M.A., D.D., "Definition for 'shilhim' Fausset's Bible Dictionary". - Fausset's; 1878.

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