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Sabaoth, lord of

Hebrew tsebaot (not Sabbath, an altogether different word), i.e. "of hosts", namely, of the heavenly powers (1 Kings 22:19; Psalm 103:21; Psalm 148:2; Romans 9:29; James 5:4, reminding the rich who think the poor have no advocate that the Lord of the whole hosts in heaven is their patron). Implying the boundless resources at His command for His people's good (Psalm 59:5). The sabaoth included both the angelic and starry hosts. The latter were objects of the idolatry, hence called sabaism (2 Kings 17:16). God is above even them (1 Chronicles 16:26). The "groves" symbolized these starry hosts. In contrast, Jehovah is the Lord of them, therefore alone to be worshipped. The title does not occur in the Pentateuch, nor earlier than 1 Samuel 1:3, but in the singular Joshua 5:14-15.

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