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Ramoth gilead

("Heights of Gilead.") A fortress commanding Argob and the Jair towns, occupied by Solomon's commissariat officer (1 Kings 4:13). Keenly fought for by the Israelites and their enemies the Syrians under Ahab and Joram (1 Kings 22:4; it had been seized by Benhadad I from Omri; Josephus Ant. 8:15, section 3. Ahab fell in attempting to recover it). Joram of Israel allied himself with Ahaziah of Judah (2 Chronicles 22:5-6), gained and kept Ramoth Gilead in spite of Hazael (2 Kings 9:14-15; Josephus Ant. 9:6; section 1). Jehu from it started to seize the kingdom. 2 Kings 8:28 or Ramath Mizpeh in Joshua 13:26. The spot called by Jacob in his covenant with Laban, of which the pillar and stone heap was pledge, Galeed and Mizpah. (See MIZPAH.) A city of refuge in Gad (Deuteronomy 4:43; Joshua 20:8; Joshua 21:38). Now Es Salt, W. of Philadelphia, or else Jela'ad (Gilead) four miles N. of Es Salt, for Ramath Mizpeh is in the N. of Gad (Joshua 13:26), which Es Salt is not. The Arabic of Joshua 13:26 has Ramah el Jeresh or Ramah el Jerash (Gerasa).

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