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(See PROCURATOR; PROCONSUL, for the distinction of imperial and senatorial provinces under Rome, accurately observed in New Testament.) Ahab's "young men of the princes of the province" are probably young warriors of Gileadite chiefs recognizing his supremacy, but distinct from "the children of Israel" (1 Kings 20:14-15; 1 Kings 20:19). Provinces existed under Solomon in his wide empire (Ecclesiastes 2:8; Ecclesiastes 5:8). Under the Persian king were 127, each having its own system of finance and its treasurer (Esther 1:1; Esther 8:9; Ezra 2:1; Ezra 2:4; Ezra 5:7; Ezra 6:6; Ezra 7:22; Ezra 7:24; Herodotus iii. 89). The satrapies were only 20. The Jews had their "governor" (tirsbatha'), of their own race (Ezra 2:63; Nehemiah 5:14; Nehemiah 8:9), subject to the "satrap" (pathath) of the provinces W. of Euphrates.

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