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abel ("meadow"; compare ABEL MEHOLAH.) Biqu'ah, the great, plain Coele ("hollow") Syria between Lebanon and Antilebanon; Bikath Aven, Amos 1:5; "the valley (Biqa'ath) of Lebanon" (Joshua 11:17; Joshua 12:7), Biqua'ath Mizpeh (Joshua 11:8); still called el Bekaa, 60 miles long, five broad. Also 2 Chronicles 35:22; Genesis 11:2; Nehemiah 6:2; Daniel 3:1. Hac Ciccar, the region round about the Jordan valley (Genesis 13:10; Genesis 19:17; Genesis 19:25-29). Ham Mishor (Deuteronomy 3:10; Deuteronomy 4:43), the smooth (from yaashar, "straight") downs of Moab stretching from Jordan E. of Jericho into the Arabian desert, contrasting with the rugged country W. of Jordan and with the higher lands of Bashan and Argob.
        The Belka pasture, regular in its undulations, good in its turf (2 Chronicles 26:10). Ha 'Arabah, the Jordan valley and its continuation S. of the Dead Sea. Ha shephelah, the undulating, rolling, "low hills" between the mountainous part of Judah and the coast plain of the Mediterranean (Deuteronomy 1:7, "the vale"; 2 Chronicles 28:18, "the low country"); Seville in Spain is derived from it. 'Elon ought to be translated "oak" or "oaks" (Genesis 12:6; Genesis 13:18; Judges 4:11; Judges 9:6; Judges 9:37; 1 Samuel 10:3). Emek the valley of Jezreel (Esdraelon), the eastern part, Megiddo the western part, of the one plain.

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Fausset, Andrew Robert M.A., D.D., "Definition for 'plains' Fausset's Bible Dictionary". - Fausset's; 1878.

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