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PEREZ-UZZA or PEREZ-UZZAH ("Uzzah's breaking"). (See PERAZIM.) 1 Chronicles 13:11; 1 Chronicles 15:13; 2 Samuel 6:8. So David named Nachon's or Chidoh's threshing floor, because Jehovah made a breach or breaking forth on Uzzah for his presumptuous rashness in stretching forth his hand to support the shaken ark. Now Khirbet el Uz or Auz, two miles from Kirjath Jearim, on the hill above Chesla (Chesalon), a short way before Kuryet es Saideh, "the blessed city," i.e. the abode of Obed Edom whom God" blessed." Uzzah was a Kohathite Levite (Josephus, Ant. 6:1, section 4). The ark was taken to his father Abinadab's house, as subsequently to Obed Edom's, just because he was a Levite. Probably the Amminadab of 1 Chronicles 15:10, of Kohath's family (1 Chronicles 6:18); Numbers 4:5; Numbers 4:15, shows the Kohathites were to bear but not to touch the ark, which was the office of Aaron's family. So ministers claiming the sacerdotal priest's office usurp Christ's office at their peril.

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