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1. A city of the shephelah or "low hills" of Judah (Joshua 15:43). Commanding in position; hence fortified by Rehoboam after the separation of Israel (2 Chronicles 11:8). Zerah the Ethiopian had reached Mareshah when Asa met and repulsed him (2 Chronicles 14:9-10); the "ravine" (geey) of Zephathah was near. Now Marash; over a Roman mile S.S.W. of Beit Jibrin (Eleutheropolis), on a gently swelling hill descending from the mountains to the western plain. Eliezer son of Dodayah the prophet was of Mareshah (2 Chronicles 20:37.) Micah plays upon the meaning of Mareshah, "I will bring an heir (the Assyrian foe) unto thee, Mareshah" ("inheritance") (Micah 1:15). Other heirs will supplant us in every inheritance, except heaven.
        2. Mareshah, father of Hebron (a person, not the city): 1 Chronicles 2:42, where the relative position of the cities Mareshah and Hebron, and their historical relations, forbid our understanding the cities as meant.
        3. 1 Chronicles 4:21. Mareshah sprung from Shelah, third son of Judah, through Laadah. Probably the same as Mareshah (1).

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Fausset, Andrew Robert M.A., D.D., "Definition for 'mareshah' Fausset's Bible Dictionary". - Fausset's; 1878.

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