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Hinnom, valley of

(See HELL.) "The son of Hinnom" was some ancient hero who encamped there (Stanley, Sinai and Israel, 172). S.W. and S. of Jerusalem; from 50 to 100 yards wide at the sweep round the S.W. corner of the so-called mount Zion. An aqueduct on nine low arches, 290) yards from the Jaffa gate, crosses the valley, and conveys water from "the pools of Solomon" to the temple mount, below which is "the lower pool." The reservoir, supposed by some to be "the upper Pool," or Gihon, is 700 yards from the Jaffa gate. (See GIHON.) The valley where it runs between the "hill of evil counsel" and the S.W. corner of Jerusalem is pierced with many sepulchral recesses. It opens out into an oblong space, the site of Topher, where now are gardens watered by Siloam, before it meets the valley of Jehoshaphat or Kedron on the S.E. At the E. end of it is a bed of clay worked still by potters, the probable site of "the potters' field," Aceldama.

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