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Welcome to The Hebrew Language download section. Most of the Bible was written in Hebrew. The Lord sovereignly chose this peculiar language as an instrument in preserving His holy Oracles. Learning the alphabet and how to read and write it is a great stepping stone in the pursuit of this beautiful language. The Bible is full of rich symbolism, parallelisms, and allegories that can only be fully understood in the light of the Hebrew language and culture. BARUCH HABA BASHEM YAHWEH!

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BKA 38 was written with the help of James Darden, creator of the Greek Flash Pro.


 Archaelogical Photos, Beautiful Artwork, Comprehensive Text, Graphical Illustrations, Maps, and More.

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Introduction to New Testament Greek
By Rusty Russell and James Darden

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Bible Knowledge Accelerator #38: Greek Language v5.7.96

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A brief history of the Greek language and a simple learning tool that quickly teaches you the basics about reading and writing Biblical Greek. The purpose of this information program is not for mastering the Greek language. Hopefully after this short introduction you will: 1) Feel confident using Greek tools such as lexicons, Greek commentaries, and interlinears . 2) No longer feel left in the dark when a pastor says things like, "In the Greek, this passage means such and such." 3) Have the desire to go on master the Greek language. Learn about Pronunciation, Vowels, Diphthongs, Consonants, Breathing Marks, Accent Marks, Punctuation, etc.

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The Parthenon. It is the most important and characteristic monument of the ancient Greek civilization and still remains its international symbol. It was dedicated to Athena Parthenos, the patron goddess of Athens. It was built between 447 and 438 B.C. and its sculptural decoration was completed in 432 B.C.

The parthenon in Nashville (below) is the world's only full-size replica of the ancient Parthenon in Athens.

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One of the greatest religious festivals held in ancient Greece was the athletic contest held at Olympia every four years in honor of Zeus. All wars were to cease until the games were over. The ceremonies began and then athletes were introduced, and each swore that he was Greek born and had accepted no bribes.

Then the games began with each contestant participating in five events called the pentathlon. They consisted of running, jumping, discus throwing, and javelin hurling. The athelete who won the most events was called the victor. The winners were presented with an olive wreath, palm branches, and wool ribbons. There were other events like boxing, horse racing, chariot racing, and the brutal Pancratium where everything in one-on-one was allowed except biting and eye-gouging.

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Understanding Judaism is essential to understanding the unique teaching in the Bible. That is why there is a special emphasis in all the BKA programs to their culture, history, and writings.

Check out Paradigm Software's GREEK FLASH PRO for an excellent Greek flash card software utility.


The ancient Olympics suddenly ended in 395 AD when two violent earthquakes destroyed Olympia. They never emerged again until 1896 AD when a Frenchman named Pierre De Coubertin was inspired to organize the first modern Olympic games. Some aspects of the ancient Olympics have been preserved. It is interesting to note that in the relay race the torch was passed from runner to runner until the last runner of the winning team lit a fire on an altar to Zeus. This is where the Olympic Flame originated.

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