Old Testament Books
(with Authors, Dates, and Subjects)

Book Author* Approx. Date Subject
The Pentateuch      
Genesis Moses 4004 BC Beginning of the Chosen Family
Exodus Moses 1635 BC The Covenant with the Chosen Nation
Leviticus Moses 1490 BC Moral, Civil, and Ceremonial Laws
Numbers Moses 1490 BC Journey to the Promised Land
Deuteronomy Moses 1451 BC Laws of the Hebrew Nation
The Historical Books      
Joshua Joshua 1451 BC The Conquest of Canaan
Judges Samuel 1425 BC The 15 Judges
Ruth Samuel 1322 BC David's Messianic Family Begins
1 Samuel Nathan 1171 BC The Hebrew Monarchy
2 Samuel Nathan 1171 BC The Reign of King David
1 Kings Jeremiah 1015 BC The Divided Kingdom
2 Kings Jeremiah 1015 BC History of the Divided Kingdom
1 Chronicles Ezra 1056 BC The Reign of King David
2 Chronicles Ezra 1056 BC History of the Southern Kingdom
Ezra Ezra 536 BC The Return from Captivity
Nehemiah Nehemiah 446 BC The Rebuilding of Jerusalem
Esther Mordecai 521 BC The Jews In Exile
The Poetical Books      
Job Unknown 1520 BC Providence and Suffering
Psalms David 1056 BC Devotion to God
Proverbs Solomon 1000 BC Wisdom in Life
Ecclesiastes Solomon 977 BC Happiness in Life
Song of Songs Solomon 1014 BC The Glories of Marriage and Love
The Greater Prophets      
Isaiah Isaiah 760 BC The Messianic Kingdom
Jeremiah Jeremiah 629 BC The Doom of Judah
Lamentations Jeremiah 588 BC A Dirge Over the Loss of Jerusalem
Ezekiel Ezekiel 595 BC The Final Restoration of Israel
Daniel Daniel 607 BC The Triumph of the Messiah
The Minor Prophets      
Hosea Hosea 785 BC The Apostasy of Israel
Joel Joel 800 BC The Kingdom of Judah
Amos Amos 787 BC The Kingdom of David
Obadiah Obadiah 587 BC The Destruction of Edom
Jonah Jonah 862 BC The Mercy on Nineveh
Micah Micah 750 BC Bethlehem's King
Nahum Nahum 713 BC The Destruction of Assyria
Habakkuk Habakkuk 626 BC The Judgement of the Babylonians
Zephaniah Zephaniah 630 BC The Day of the Lord
Haggai Haggai 520 BC Rebuilding of the Temple
Zechariah Zechariah 520 BC Christ's 1st and 2nd Coming
Malachi Malachi 397 BC Final Message to Rebellious Israel

* Mentioned by Name or Traditionally Accepted

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