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Welcome to the Bible History Art Home Page. Visual aids to help in your Bible teaching.

16 Maps of the Ancient Roman World

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This map is available in 300 DPI resolution. If you click on the image you can see the actual size of the of the map. It is part of a 16 map series of the Roman Empire. They include: The Mediterranean, Italy, Central Italy, Greece, The Aegean Islands, The Balkans, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Gaul, The Black Sea, Central Europe, Britain, Spain, and the East with a special emphasis on the provinces.

They may be used as illustrations for personal or teaching purposes. Not for publication without permission.

Please note that the images are much higher resolution than the 256 color image on the web page.

Asia Minor and its provinces during the time of the Roman Empire.
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 Provinces of the Roman Empire 70-120 AD. In the program you can click on the area of the province and see a pop-up name.
Provinces of the Roman Empire
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They are great for teaching aids on the computer, as well as for personal study involving the world during the 1st Century AD.

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Maps of the Ancient Roman World

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