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Welcome to the Bible History Art Home Page. Visual aids to help in your Bible teaching.

Ancient Maps and 3D Globes

If you need similar Maps or 3d images for your Web Page or other publication you might be able to find what you need here. There are many styles to choose from. If you want you can specify the design, or whatever you desire. I can embed the logo of your choice within the images.

(Available in Illustrator or Photoshop format with plenty of layers for modification).

Graphic Design by Rusty Russell

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The Settlements of Noah's Descendants 1

The Settlements of Noah's Descendants 2

The Ancient Fertile Crescent

The Patriarchal World

Abraham's Journey's

Palestine: Hills and Valleys

The Spread of Christianity

The Spread of Christianity #2

More to come

300 and 400 dpi images, full page and full color Transparencies and Slides are available to help as visual aids in your Bible Teaching. The images on this site are reduced in color. The actual slides and transparencies are digitally created in print quality 16 million colors. For prices and availability see Prices.

Available Artwork

Maps of the Ancient Roman World

The Ancient Tabernacle and Furniture

Some Fancy Drop Caps

Animated Logo

3D Ancient Globe

3D Pyramid

3D Fountain with Roman Soldier

3D Parting of the Red Sea

new Ancient Maps and Globes   

new Bible Story Images  

For more info contact: Rusty Russell

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