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Registration in an online casino - registration methods and verification

This material will contain practical information: how to register in an online casino, what methods are possible, what is verification, are there bonuses for registering in an online casino, is it possible to play without registering in Malaysia Casino Online.

Where to begin?

There are four determining factors for deciding whether to register with an online casino:

  • Reviews of players on the Internet.
  • Availability of support chat.
  • Convenient ways of input / output.
  • The slot machines you need and, in general, a wide range of games.
  • The latter can be found out if you play without registration in a casino. This is always allowed.

    How can I register?

    None of the online casinos ask you to immediately indicate your last name, first name and passport information. Registration forms are not complicated. The methods can be as follows:

  • By e-mail. You need to come up with a password yourself and enter it in the form.
  • By phone. The password is either also invented or sent to you immediately via SMS.
  • One click. An automatically generated username and password will appear on the screen. They will need to be saved via copy-paste, or as a screenshot.
  • Through social networks. After clicking on the social network icon, an automatic data exchange will take place between your profile on the social network and the online casino.
  • For example, in order to play Vulkan slot machines, you will need to register using methods # 1 or # 4. After clicking the "Register" button, you will immediately find yourself in the game room. For the "e-mail" method, go straight to your mailbox and click the link to confirm your mail. Without this, you will not be allowed to make a deposit.

    Do not register through social networks if you are not sure that your name is spelled out in the social network profile according to your passport. If you make a mistake, even in one letter, you run the risk of blocking your gaming account.

    The registration form may also contain additional fields:

    • promo code,
    • currency,
    • a country,
    • consent or refusal to use the first deposit bonus.

    The promo code usually increases the bonus amount. 90% of establishments do not distribute promotional codes. Look for codes on partner sites yourself.

    Regarding the currency, we can say that in 50% of casinos it will not be possible to change it in the future. At about 15-20% of Runet online casinos, in addition to RUB, EUR and USD, an account can be opened in hryvnia and tenge.

    In 2020, at least 1/3 of casinos prohibited registration for citizens of Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Belarus, the countries of the North Caucasus and Central Asia are allowed everywhere.

    Filling in the profile

    After the initial registration and confirmation by e-mail / phone, you can immediately make a deposit and play. However, the condition for withdrawing the winnings is a completed player profile. Do not be lazy to do it right away. You will need to enter: surname, name, address. Sometimes - passport data.


    Verification is proof of identity. It is usually requested when making a withdrawal request. You can pre-request verification yourself. You just need to send photos or scans of documents:

    • passport (home page and page with the address);
    • receipt for utilities;
    • bank statement.

    In most cases, you need photos, not scans! Sometimes online casinos require a passport-spread selfie. Tip: don't take pictures with your smartphone, but go straight to a professional photo studio.

    Practice shows that in 2020, in about half of the casinos, verification when withdrawing an amount of less than 50,000 rubles. or 1000 USD is not requested. However, you need to be prepared that verification can be requested at any stage of the game.

    The first deposit from a bank card significantly increases the likelihood that verification will be requested. Use e-wallets.

    Online casino registration bonuses

    All casinos offer a bonus to new customers. This is usually a first deposit bonus. A registration bonus or otherwise no deposit online casino bonus (“no deposit”) in 2020 does not happen often: in about every 20 casino.

    It is the bonus, like replenishing the account of a new player by the casino itself, almost never occurs. Usually, no deposit spins on slots (free spins) are given. You can play further with the money won from free spins, but you cannot immediately put the winnings for withdrawal. Conditions for withdrawing winnings from no deposit free spins: a deposit and a certain amount of bets.

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