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There are such games, very special, even unique. I prefer to call them "folk." They are suitable for everyone: an adult who is tired after a hard day, and a schoolchild son, a student teenager, and even a dandelion grandmother. This “nationality” is achieved through two things. The first is the simplest gameplay, and the second is low system requirements. True, the “people” themselves should have little idea of ​​what a quality game should be.

Therefore, often such projects turn out to be of very dubious quality. Suffice it to recall Communism Muscle Cars' , Up Need for Russia , Specnaz 2 , "Paragraph 78" . They got deservedly low marks, but one way or another they nevertheless ended up on "popular" computers of indiscriminate buyers. The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal.

This time in front of me is "Another World" , which belongs to the pen of the Polish Openoko studio . She is already notorious for the “excellent” Evil Resistance and GBR . However, according to analysts, in a crisis of bad games should become less. A buyer hit by his pocket will study the goods more carefully, so now any slag will not go to the shelves, selling it at a loss. Perhaps this is an attempt to rehabilitate? The game somehow got to the stores.

To honestly review the "folk" action, I sat down at a completely "folk" computer. Not ultra-modern, but quite affordable for the mythical average user. The pictograms on the accompanying paper read the mysterious Athlon X2 5600+, 1Gb RAM, 8600 GTS. On the desktop, I found the Sims 3 shortcut. The life simulator quite vigorously earned on medium-high settings. Funny little men will become a control group - on them we will compare the performance of games.

I set "thin" by today's standards, "Another World"(a little more than 1GB), the disk with noise spun faster, the StarForce check began. When the system made sure that I was not a pirate, the download began. I felt some kind of courage. Unusual computer, new game, excitement from buying, anticipation...

Wow, steampunk! Steamy things, wonderful devices, Arcanum stands before my eyes . Technological romance, mystery of inventions, entertaining forms and patterns ... Fantasy has already played out. An introductory video begins, in which some old general with a mechanical arm tells the main character that there are no people left in the city (this is London), but only hordes of steam robots run through the streets. Our task is to walk the punishing sword at the possibleshelter of the main villain in the hope that in one of them we will meet him. So easily, developers have legalized an infinite number of the most diverse levels, which do not even need to come up with a plot background. A mad scientist can hide everywhere in general ... However, the word "horde" set me on a bloodthirsty mood, thoughts about stupid missions vanished. I watched the screen saver and got ready to chop, shoot, cut, blow up and all that ...

Five minutes passed. The level has loaded three quarters. The fighting enthusiasm faded somewhat, but faith still remained - after all, I have a “people's” computer, which, as you know, is weak and always to blame for the fact that games run on it through one place. I knew this, so I waited patiently.

Another three minutes passed. Waited. The level has begun. Around the dilapidated city. Everything is littered with some kind of construction debris, and in the character’s hand is a fancy-looking revolver. I thought I should look around. Obeying the movement of the mouse, the character tried to turn. The frame froze. After 30 seconds, the FPS counter moved off center. I decided to take a step - the game froze again. After another 30 seconds, everything came to life, and enemies ran towards me. The shot thundered unnaturally, everything froze again, but this time only for 10 seconds. After killing three robots, I accidentally looked at the fire, from this the FPS counter took a value of 4. It did not rise above ...

I had to restart the game and turn off all the newfangled shader effects. I did not think that the average computer is so weak. Without “hot air” and shadows, the FPS reached 75. I was delighted, but a shot from any weapon quickly reduced frames per second to zero.

After 30 fades of 30 seconds each, I found a shotgun. A low voice strained and somehow unnaturally thundered: "Shotgun!" I already jumped in surprise. After that, the headphones lay aside.

So, cursing, I finally managed to pass the first level. In the next I found a machine gun, the line from which made the game think for a good five minutes. If you are planning to go on a trip to the “Other World” , then stock up on tea and lemons. It helps, you know, while away time during fading.

After three more tea parties , Another Worldsomehow he himself ended up in a basket, leaving behind a memory in the form of five plain-looking screenshots. Unfortunately, it was not possible to take pictures on the maximum chart - because of the terrible brakes, even the unflappable FRAPS could not take a picture of the screen.

Fools learn from their mistakes. Who, tell me, are these people from Openoko ? This is not the first project that is impossible to play. Where did the testers look (if they were), what did the developers (and the publisher, by the way) think? They themselves, interestingly, tried to pass at least one level? Maybe my "people's" computer is to blame? I moved to a working machine (Core 2 Duo 4.7GHz, 6Gb RAM, GTX 260) - it did not help. The clumsy handicraft firmly hung all in the same places. They took a step - stood. Shot - still stood. Even the main menu is in no hurry to appear on the screen - it needs to wait about a minute to exit .

It turns out that the computer configuration, to put it mildly, has nothing to do with it - does it mean that the problem is in the game itself? Right. Perhaps, in the battle for the first place in terms of malfunction and brakes , the Other World easily makes not only the notorious Lada Racing Club , but also all the other garbage crafts of recent years. Viva, Openoko , the title of kings of slag is now yours.

Pros: none.
Cons: no optimization, brakes at all levels of detail and resolutions; weak plot; unsuccessful dubbing.


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