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Multisplit system Daikin VRV. Installation Benefits How many rooms do not ventilate, but the stuffiness still comes back! This is understandable: when a large family lives in the house, when each room is insulated with the latest words, then it is time to think about a ventilation system.

Yes, we think less about the latter than about heating, but let's not forget that comfort is a whole axiom, made up of a number of factors. Freshness is one of them. It is especially good when our assistant devices can perform several functions at the same time, let’s say, to refresh and bring warmth. Such two-sidedness is completely solvable through the universal Daikin VRV system. As you know, this installation is a split air conditioning system. From here, in fact, the principle of the system’s action is found out - the conversion of volatile freon into liquid and vice versa (into steam) to move the substance between the external and external unit and provide the corresponding microclimate.

In principle, you can analyze the progress of the split system for a long time. It is clear that this installation, involving the removal of the outdoor unit outside, significantly reduces the noise level inside the object. Let in our case this object will be an average cottage or a prestigious office with 6-9 rooms. Here you already need a conditioner that can be built of 6-9 indoor units (one for each room) and one powerful outdoor. Well, the Super Multi Plus air conditioning system (RXYSQ-P8) is just that. Depending on the requirements, it can include indoor units of various types, from floor to cassette. Thanks to this, the climate control manual becomes more flexible: we can install the unit on the floor, or we can attach it upstairs. In any case, Split and SkyAir devices will not interfere with comfort, because, firstly, they are quite compact, and secondly, they have a low noise level.

As for the outdoor unit, it is a two-section capacitor with a special blade profile from Aero Spiral Fan. Why special? Because the noise from such an air conditioner is almost inaudible. This is due to the low level of friction of the blades of the device. Two more advantages emerge from here - durability and high efficiency. However, the latter is largely due to the significant torque of the electric motor. This would not have been possible if the motor had not been made of a powerful neodymium magnet.

I must say that the external unit, or rather its effective scroll compressor, has a DAIKN patent. This is another evidence of the reliability of the Daikin VRV split system. Therefore, if you need high-quality conditioning of small and medium-sized facilities, if you want to get maximum comfort - choose Daikin VRV! You cannot find the right choice!

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