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How to write a resume: take advantage of the experience of successful people

Even if you are trying to get a job on the basis of a recommendation or patronage, the first thing you will be asked to send a resume. And what can we say about those cases when you have to rely only on yourself, your knowledge and ability to present it?

Start writing your perfect resume by identifying the ingredients. It always starts with your personal data (name and surname, address, contact phone number and email address). After this block, experienced job seekers indicate their goal.


After filling in your personal data, as well as adding a suitable photo to your online resume writing services, decide on the purpose of finding a job.

Try to formulate it in 1-2 sentences and write it down in the "Purpose" section. The more specifically the purpose of your job search is stated, the more likely the HR officer will notice you. He will be able to more easily understand which of the open positions in his company might be right for you.


"Education" and "Work experience" are usually separate blocks of resume, following each other. They are defining in any resume.

The first is the block that has the greatest value for the employer. Do not forget to indicate each new place of work (or project - if there is no work experience yet, but there are only personal, volunteer or student projects) in a separate paragraph.

The same rule applies to the "Education" block - each new educational institution is indicated in a separate paragraph and is accompanied by a brief description of the learning outcome (diploma, degree, qualifications, distinctions).


Since the "weight" of this block on your resume should not exceed such blocks as "Education" and "Work experience", it is worth isolating and indicating only the most important additional educational events that you attended. It is enough to indicate two or three main ones.

That is, if you indicated as your goal “to find a job in the department of foreign economic activity”, then it would be good to indicate foreign language courses and tests and certificates confirming the level of their knowledge as additional training. Foreign educational trips, internships or exchange studies can also stir up interest in your candidacy.


The summary ends with a block with additional information. It may include a description of any qualifications, qualities and skills that are useful for achieving the “Goal” that are not obvious from the description of work experience, education and training. As a rule, this block provides information about the level of PC proficiency, foreign languages, programming languages, and the presence of a driver's license.

If you wish, you can also indicate in the "Additional information" section and personal information. This can be date of birth, circle of interests and hobbies, marital status and the presence of children. Make sure that personal information does not "outweigh" the information about professional skills or qualities in this block.


It is considered good form to indicate the date and place of its compilation at the end of the resume. We do not know how long and through how many hands it will travel in recruiting agencies and companies. It is possible that there will be changes in your professional life, and you will still receive calls from HR officers interested in the “old” version of your resume. It will be easier to see when and where exactly it was updated. So you can assess its relevance.

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