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The fourth part of Ashtanga Yoga: Pranayama Pranayama is the fourth part of Ashtanga Yoga. It is described as an exercise that promotes proper breathing. The pranayama technique is used to measure, control and direct the breath of a practitioner. The purpose of this technique is to restore and maintain human health and promote development. Pranayama controls the energy within a person, teaches the correct way to breathe. Using this breathing technique, lung capacity is increased, the body is provided with oxygen for normal functioning. This is the science of breathing control.
Pranayama comes from the following words: prana - “life force” or “life energy”, pit - “discipline” or “control”, ayama - “expansion” or “rampant”. The technique consists of a series of exercises specifically designed to meet the needs of the body and maintain it in a healthy state. Deep and systematic breathing through pranayama helps revitalize the body. However, pranayama should be done only with proper preparation, otherwise it can lead to nervous breakdowns. This is part of the yoga process, and breath control is the spiritual practice of cleansing the mind and body. Therefore, it must be done properly and with guidance and training.
Four stages of pranayama
Arambha: this is the initial stage when a person's interest in pranayama is awakened.
Ghat: the second stage, where the three sarirs subtly merge to cover the soul.
Parichay: the stage at which the yogi becomes acquainted with knowledge of pranayama
Nispatti: The final stage of pranayama allows the yogi to go beyond his physical body and connect with a higher mind.
Breathing is an autonomous function of the body. The process is carried out even without concentration on it. This is a normal part of life, although sometimes we do not pay attention to it. Here are a few reasons why pranayama is important:
The benefits of pranayama
Pranayama does not allow a person to acquire diseases, reducing toxins and toxins of the body.
It also plays an important role in the normal functioning of the digestive system.
Proper breathing helps improve metabolism and health.
Pranayama develops and improves the level of concentration, as well as focus.
It relieves stress and relaxes the body, gives peace and peace of mind through the control of your breathing.
Pranayama offers the best self-control, which also includes control over your physical body.
It improves concentration, thus allowing a person to easily cope with difficult character and reactions, allows the mind to function clearly, avoiding disputes and incorrect decisions.
And last but not least, pranayama leads to a spiritual journey through a relaxed body and mind. At the point when you play at an online gambling club you will have a great deal of choices and openings accessible to you. Something you can anticipate all things considered of the online gambling clubs is having the option to utilize liberal rewards and other energizing advancements. For instance, online casino slots paypal set stricter prerequisites for the utilization of its administration; before that, for all intents and purposes all betting locales and players were permitted to move cash to and from online gambling club accounts by means of PayPal.

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