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Ancient Rome: Cities

Approximate prices for sex services in Ukraine and other regions

 Each season, young workers fall into the industry of intimate services, who bring a lot of new and non-standard to this industry. And therefore, the indicative prices for erotic entertainment change quite often, depending on the demand and request of the client. Ukraine in this market lags far behind Western countries, as the prices for the work of prostitutes are significantly underestimated due to the rather difficult economic situation and the legal status of sex services. Therefore, analysts at the nationwide site conducted a large study, examined the characteristics of sex tourism in 3 well-known countries with almost the same economic situation.


Ukraine is a paradise for economical tourism

Due to the fact that the price of Ukrainian whores begins with a ridiculous amount of 350 UAH per hour, tens of thousands of tourists from not developed countries visit the state every year. For example, more often than others guys from Egypt, India, Turkey come to Ukrainian whores, a little less often - from Italy and France. However, there are elite girls in Ukraine who work with wealthy tourists - an hour of time will cost them one hundred and twenty dollars.

The Republic of Belarus is a well-known competitor of the EU

Although the price level in Belarus is considered normal for all categories of people, the sex sphere is at the same high level as in Europe. For comparison, even a mediocre crush will require 2400-2500 hryvnias for 1 hour of sex, and the night will pull six hundred bucks. Despite this, the quality of services of Belarusian cuties is deservedly considered excellent - whores are ready for experiments and adventures, and therefore customers are happy to seek them from different countries.

Thailand is a paradise for sex tourists

The most affordable ero segment awaits a single-minded adventure seeker in Thailand. Here, all kinds of lady-fights, girls, trances and even whores with a non-standard orientation are ready to have fun with guys who are eager for sex for three hundred UAH per hour. At the same time, Thailand provides a unique variety of non-standard entertainment, and therefore connoisseurs of wonders fly here, regardless of the size of the wallet and season.

However, Ukraine has every chance to attract the attention of wealthy clients, because the government regularly raises the issue of decriminalization of sex services.

Here is another test just testing

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