Is the Black Sea Mentioned in the Bible?

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The Black Sea was known in ancient times as the Euxine and in the Roman Empire as Pontus Euxinus, and many ships sailed along its borders. The Black Sea was not mentioned in the Bible, although it was a northern boundary in the Roman Empire and the New Testament World. The peoples living around the Sea were the Balkans on the West side where modern Romania and Bulgaria are located, the Scythians on the north where Russia is located, Caucasus and Central Asia to the East where Russia and Georgia are located, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia to the south where Turkey and Armenia are located, and Greece to the southwest. Some of the ports along the Black Sea are older than the pyramids. The oldest gold in ancient history was discovered at Varna, modern Romania. It was believed that the argonauts traveled through the Black Sea. It was believed that the edge of the world was the land on the eastern side of the Black Sea known as Colchis, modern Georgia.

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Pontus Euxinus

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