Reconstructions & Sketches of the Ancient World 

Ancient Customs

Judea Capta Coins

Ancient Patriarch's Clothing in the Time of Abraham 

The Name Jesus in Ancient Hebrew Script

The Watchtower in the Vineyard

Ancient Seals or Signets

Bronze Mirrors

Dining in Ancient Rome

Ancient Sun Dial

Ancient Lattice Windows

Ancient Cuneiform Writing

Ancient Harp from Ur

Jewish Captives Playing the Lyre

Ancient Beards and Styles

Ancient Wine Press

Ancient Symbols

The Egyptian Staff of Inheritance

The Ancient Obelisk

The god Asshur of Ancient Assyria

Ancient Diadems

Ancient Crowns

Ancient Rulers

Shishak of Egypt Mentions Judah

Sennacherib King of Assyria

Tiberius Caesar

Ancient Buildings, Walls, Towers and Gates 

Phasael Tower

Herod the Great's Fortified Palace

Herod's Theater

Hippicus Tower

Monument of King Alexander Jannaeus 

The Pool of Bethesda

Tomb of David

Tomb of Absalom

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Pool of Siloam

Ancient Music

Ancient Cymbals

Ancient Harp

Ancient Horns

Ancient Drums

Ancient Dulcimer or Bagpipe

Ancient Flutes or Pipes

Ancient Handbell

Ancient Harps

Ancient Lutes

Ancient Trumpets

Ancient Sistrum or Rattle

Ancient Tambourines

Ancient Triangle Instrument

Ancient Cities

Sketch of Ancient Nineveh

Sketch of Ancient Lachish

Sketch of Nebuchadnezzar's City of Babylon

Plan of Abdon Reconstruction. Khirbet Adben

Palace of Minos at Knossos

Ancient Gods

Dagon the Fish-God of the Philistines

The god Asshur of Ancient Assyria

Apis the Sacred Bull of Egypt

Assyrian God Nisroch

Jupiter the Chief God of Rome

Juno the Roman Savior of Women

Mars the Roman God of War

Ancient Warfare

Assyrian Seige of Lachish Sketch 

Assyrian King Trods the Neck of His Enemy

Prisoners Under an Egyptian Kings Footstool

Egyptians Counting Enemy Hands

Ancient Punishment

Assyrian Death Penalty 

Assyrians Blinding Their Prisoners 

Israelites Forced to Labor

Assyrian Fetters

The Roman Scourge

Hooks in their Lips

Ancient Ships

Philistine Ships

Phoenician Ships

Pompeii Illustration Rolling Up a Sail

Paul's Ship to Malta

Ancient Assyria

Royal Assyrian Chariot

Assyrian Stone Altar

Ancient People

Head of Alexander the Great 

Antiochus IV Epiphanes 

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Ziggurat's and Temples

Reconstruction Sketch of the Ziggurat at Ur

Reconstruction Sketch of the Temple of Marduk, Babylon

Reconstruction of the Sumerian Oval Temple at Khafaje

Mayan Acropolis at Copan

Karnak - Temple of Amun

Luxor - Amun Cult Center near Karnak

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Ancient Altars

Palace of Caiaphas

Roman Centurion

Flavian Amphitheatre

Crown of Thorns

Damascus Gate

Hasmonean Palace

Ancient Israelite House

First Century Israelite Houses

Wealthy Israelite House

Jewish Religious Leader

Ancient Phylacteries

Roman Procurator

Greek Ship

Capernaum Synagogue

Tax Collector

Jerusalem Temple

Jesus Reading Isaiah Scroll

Ancient Torah Scroll

Egyptian Goddess

Ancient Sheep Fold

Ancient Sling

Solomon's Temple Court

Ancient Helmuts

Ancient Standards

Ancient Dancing

Ancient Music Playing

Ancient Ox Carts

Solomon's Bronze Laver

Ancient Tracks Between Walls

Ancient Women Traveling

Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria

Nebo, God of Babylon

Nebuchadnezzar Cameo

Nebuchadnezzar Inscription

Ancient Roman Army Standards

Ancient Temple of Diana Coin

Ancient Thessalonica

Ancient Statue of Diana

Ancient Fringes or Tassels

Illustrated Bible History Dictionary

Ancient Aqueducts

Ancient Fig Trees

Ancient Fishermen

Ancient Flat Roofs

Ancient Men's Hair

Ancient Lamps

Ancient Men's Head Covering

Ancient Mezuzah in Doorway

Ancient Oil Vases

Ancient Olive Press

Ancient Olive Trees

Ancient Roads

Ancient Windows

Ancient Women's Head Covering

(More to come)

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