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700 BC Achaemenes, first king of Parsa

695 Cimmerians invade Phrygia

685 Gyges founds the Mermnad dynasty in Lydia

685 Assyrians destroy Memphis, Thebes and flood Babylon,

683 Athens ends its rule of hereditary kings replaced by chosen archons

672 first recorded exploration of Africa by Phoenicians

671 Assyrian rule in Egypt, Esarhaddon captures Memphis

667 The Nubian dynasty comes to an end

668 Assyrian empire at its greatest extent

663 Egypt becomes independant, 26th dynasty is the last great period

652 Babylonians rebel against their Assyrian rulers

651 Cimmerian invaders driven from Lydia by Ardys

650 Cimmerian invaders plow through Syria and Palestine

650 coinage invented in Lydia

650 Oracle of Delphi reaches the height of its influence

640 Macedonia founded by Perdiccas

630 birth of Zoroaster, founder of the Persian religion

625 Etruscan influence reaches Rome and Rome expands

626 Chaldaean king, Nabopolassar, takes Babylon throne from Assryria

621 Athens first written laws by Dracon

616 Tarquin kings rule Rome

615 Cyaxares of Media allies with Nabopolassar of Babylon against Assyria

612 Babylon, Medes, and Scythians destroy Assyria; Nineveh falls

609 Assyrian Empire comes to an end

609 Babylonian empire reaches to the borders of Egypt

608 Egyptian King Necho defeat Josiah at the battle of Megiddo

605 Nebuchadnezzar II becomes king of Babylon

605 Alyattes rules Lydia

604 Nebuchadnezzar II rebuilds Babylon

605 Nebuchadnezzar II captures Jerusalem and takes the hebrews into exile.

600 Many Aryian kings emerge across northern India; Mahabharata begins

600 Iron provides weapons and farming in China

600 Iron working spreads across Europe and warfare is revolutionized

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