Writing Classics and Ancient Documents

Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls (Most include Images)
The Damascus Document (4Q271)
The Community Rule (1QS)
Transcription of the Community Rule (1QS) (Requires SPTiberian Font)
Community Rule (4QSd)
The Damascus Document (CD)
The Temple Scroll (11QT)
The War Rule (1QM)
The War Rule (4Q285 (SM))
Hosea Commentary (4QpHosea)
Some Torah Precepts (4Q396)
The Great Isaiah Scroll
Enoch (4Q201)
Songs for the Sabbath Sacrifice (4Q403)
A Baptismal Liturgy (4Q414)
The Parable of the Bountiful Tree (4Q302a)
Prayer For King Jonathan (4Q448)
Plea for Deliverance (11QPs)
Prayer of King Nabonindus (4Q242)
The Thanksgiving Psalms (Pss. 4, 5, 8, 23)
The Coming of Melchizedek (11Q13)
The Book of Secrets (1Q27, 4Q299-301)
The Divine Throne Chariot
Redemption and Resurrection (4Q521)
Calendrical Document (4Q321)
Tongues of Fire (1Q29, 4Q376)
The Copper Scroll (3Q15)
A Phylactery (Mur 4 Phyl)

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