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Quotes About the Bible and History


Henry Craik

Original Meanings of Words

HENRY CRAIK (1805-1866) in his little work on the Hebrew language gives a few apt illustrations of the original meanings of Hebrew words. "It has been well observed," he says, "that the original notions inherent in the Hebrew words serve to picture forth with remarkable distinctness the mental qualities which they designate. Thus, for instance, the usual term for 'meek' is derived from a root which signifies to afflict. The usual term for 'wicked' comes from a root that expresses the notion of restlessness. A 'sinner' is one who misses the mark. To 'delight' in anything is literally to bend down towards it. The 'law' is that which indicates the mind of God. 'Righteousness' is that which is perfectly straight. 'Truth' is that which is firm. 'Vanity' being a sign of irritated feeling. To 'trust' is to take shelter under, or to lean upon, or to cast oneself on. To 'judge' is radically [as to its root meaning] to smooth or make equal."

Henry Craik, "Easy introduction to the Hebrew Language" (London: Sealey and Burnside, 1831) 





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