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JOHN, THIRD EPISTLE OF. These two letters are extremely short. Each was sent by "the elder" (2 John; 3 John 1). They were written in the province of Asia probably between A.D. 95 and 100. Second John is addressed to a Christian mother and her family, called "the chosen lady and her children." The second epistle, as in the first, gives prominence to the commandment of love. It warns against false teachers (v. 7). These heretics were to be treated with sternness and shown no hospitality. The key phrase of the second epistle is "the truth," by which John means the body of revealed truth, the Scriptures. The epistle is divided into three parts.


The third epistle of John, like the second, was written by the apostle probably around A.D. 95 AD. The aged apostle arraigned the church for permitting one Diotrephes to exercise dominating authority. In the primitive church such a thing was incredible. This domineering individual had rejected the apostolic authority. Historically this small epistle outlines the commencement of the clericalism and priestly arrogation of authority that in later centuries was to develop in such evil proportions. The believer's resource in such a day of declension is also given. John does not write as an apostle but as an elder, and the letter is addressed not to a church but to a faithful man in the church, to comfort and sustain those who were adhering to the simplicity of earlier times. The third letter of John stresses personal responsibility in a day of deterioration.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: See under John, First Epistle Of.

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