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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-Creation of
        Ge 1:27; 2:21,22

        Ge 2:23

-Fall of, and curse upon
        Ge 3:1-16; 2Co 11:3; 1Ti 2:14

-Promise to
        Ge 3:15

-Had separate apartments in dwellings
        Ge 24:67; 31:33; Es 2:9,11

-Veiled the face
        Ge 24:65


-Vows of
        Nu 30:3-16

-When jealously charged with infidelity, their guilt or
        innocence was to be determined by an ordeal
        Nu 5:12-31

-Took part in ancient worship
        Ex 15:20; 21; 38:8; 1Sa 2:22

-In chorus
        1Ch 25:5,6; Ezr 2:65; Ne 7:67

-Worshiped in separate compartments
        Ex 38:8; 1Sa 2:22

-Consecrated jewels to tabernacle
        Ex 35:22

        Ex 38:8

-Required to attend to the reading of the law of Moses
        De 31:12; Jos 8:35

-Purifications of
    After menstruation
        Le 15:19-33; 2Sa 11:4
    After childbirth
        Le 12; Lu 2:22

-Difference in ceremonies made between male and female children
        Le 12

-Religious privileges of, among early Christians
        Ac 1:14; 12:12,13; 1Co 11:5; 14:34; 1Ti 2:11

-Domestic duties of
        Ge 18:6; Pr 31:15-19; Mt 24:41

        Ge 18:6

        Ex 35:25,26; 1Sa 2:19; Pr 31:19-24

        Pr 31:22

-Made garments
        Ac 9:39

        Ru 2:8

-Kept vineyards
        So 1:6

-Tended flocks and herds
        Ge 24:11,13,14,19,20; 29:9; Ex 2:16

-Worked in fields
        Isa 27:11; Eze 26:6,8

-Was a doorkeeper
        Mt 26:69; Joh 18:16,17; Ac 12:13,14

-Forbidden to wear men's costume
        De 22:5

-Wore hair long
        1Co 11:5-15

-Rules for dress of Christian
        1Ti 2:9,10; 1Pe 3:3,4

-Ornaments of
        Isa 3:16-23

-Weaker than men
        1Pe 3:7

-Are timid
        Isa 19:16; Jer 50:37; 51:30; Na 3:13

-Are affectionate
        2Sa 1:26

-Are tender to her offspring
        Isa 49:15; La 4:10

-Are mirthsome
        Jud 11:34; 21:21; Jer 31:13; Zec 9:17

-Are courteous to strangers
        Ge 24:17

-Could not marry without the consent of parents
        Ge 24:3,4; 34:6; Ex 22:17

-Not to be given in marriage was considered a calamity
        Jud 11:37; Ps 78:63; Isa 4:1

-Taken captive
        Nu 31:9,15,17,18,35; La 1:18; Eze 30:17,18

-Punishment to be inflicted upon men for seducing, when
        De 22:23-27

-Punishment for seducing, when not betrothed
        Ex 22:16,17; De 22:28,29

-Treated with cruelty in war
        De 32:25; La 2:21; 5:11

-Virtuous, held in high estimation
        Ru 3:11; Pr 31:10-30

-Fond of self-indulgence
        Isa 32:9-11

-Fond of ornaments
        Jer 2:32

-Subtle and deceitful
        Pr 6:24-29,32-35; 7:6-27; Ec 7:26

-Silly, and easily led into error
        2Ti 3:6

-Zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry
        Jer 7:18; Eze 13:17,23

-Active in instigating to iniquity
        Nu 31:15,16; 1Ki 21:25; Ne 13:26

-Guilty of sodomy
        2Ki 23:7; Ro 1:26

-As rulers
        Isa 3:12

        Jud 4:4

        2Ki 11:1-16; 2Ch 22:2,3,10-12

-Queen of Sheba
        1Ki 10:1-13

-Queen Candace
        Ac 8:27

-A Persian queen sat on a throne beside her king
        Ne 2:6

        Ex 15:20
        Jud 5
    The women of Israel
        1Sa 18:6
    The women of the Philistines
        2Sa 1:20

-Help in defensive operations
        Jud 9:53

-As poets
        Ex 15:21
        Jud 5
        1Sa 2:1-10
        Lu 1:42-45
        Lu 1:46-55

-As prophets
        Ex 15:20,21; Mic 6:4
        Jud 4:4,5
        2Ki 22:14-20; 2Ch 34:22-28
        Ne 6:14
        Lu 2:36-38
    Philip's four unmarried daughters
        Ac 21:9

-False prophets
        Eze 13:17-23

-In business
        Pr 31:14-18,24

-Property rights of
    In inheritance
        Nu 27:1-11; 36; Jos 17:3-6; Job 42:15
    To sell real estate
        Ru 4:3-9

-Sold for husband's debts
        Mt 18:25

-First to sin
        Ge 3:6

-Last at the cross
        Mt 27:55,56; Mr 15:40,41

-First at the gravesite
        Mr 15:46,47; 16:1-6; Lu 23:27,28,49,55,56; 24:1-10

-First to whom the risen Lord appeared
        Mr 16:9; Joh 20:14-18

-Converted by preaching of Paul
        Ac 16:14,15; 17:4,12,34

-Social status of
    In Persia
        Es 1:10-22; Da 5:1-12
    In Roman customs
        Ac 24:24; 25:13,23; 26:30

        Ge 2:18,21-24; 3:16; Es 1:20-22; Pr 11:16,22; 12:4; 14:1;
        18:22; 19:13,14; 21:9,19; 25:24; 27:15,16; 30:21-23;
        31:10-31; Ec 7:26-28; Isa 3:16-24; 32:9-12; Eze 13:17-23;
        1Co 11:3-15; 14:34,35; 1Ti 2:9-15; 3:11; 5:1-16; 2Ti 3:6,7;
        Tit 2:3-5
    See WIDOW
    See WIFE
    See also HUSBANDS

    Deborah, a judge, prophetess, and military leader
        Jud 4; 5
    Mother of Samson
        Jud 13:23
        Ru 1; 2; 3:1
        Ru 1:4,14-22
        Ru 2; 3; 4
    Hannah, the mother of Samuel
        1Sa 1:9-18,24-28
    Widow of Zarephath, who fed Elijah during the famine
        1Ki 17:8-24
    The Shunammite woman, who gave hospitality to Elisha
        2Ki 4:8-38
        Es 1:11,12
        Es 4:15-17
        Lu 1:26-38
        Lu 1:6,41-45
        Lu 2:37
    The widow who put her two mite (small coins, Greek: leptas)
        into the treasury
        Mr 12:41-44; Lu 21:2-4
    Mary and Martha
        Mr 14:3-9; Lu 10:42; Joh 11:5
    Mary Magdalene
        Mr 16:1; Lu 8:2; Joh 20:1,2,11-16
    Pilate's wife
        Mt 27:19
    Dorcas (Tabitha)
        Ac 9:36
        Ac 16:14
    Priscilla (Prisca)
        Ac 18:26
        Ro 16:1,2
        Ro 16:15
        Ro 16:6
    Lois and Eunice
        2Ti 1:5
    The Philippian Christians
        Php 4:3

    Of the body (ekklesia) of Christ
        Ps 45:2-15; Ga 4:26; Re 12:1
    Of saints
        Mt 25:1-4; 2Co 11:2; Re 14:4

        2Ki 9:30-37; 23:7; Jer 44:15-19,25; Eze 8:14; Ro 1:26
    Zeal of, in licentious practices of idolatry
        2Ki 23:7; Ho 4:13,14
    Full of deceit and licentiousness
        Pr 2:16-19; 5:3-20; 6:24-29,32-35; 7:6-27; Ec 7:26; Eze
    Commits forgery
        1Ki 21:8
    Silly and wayward
        2Ti 3:6

    Eve, in yielding to temptation and seducing her husband
        Ge 3:6; 1Ti 2:14
    Sarah, in her jealousy and malice toward Hagar
        Ge 21:9-11; with 21:12-21
    Lot's wife, in her rebellion against her situation, and
        against the destruction of Sodom
        Ge 19:26; Lu 17:32
    The daughters of Lot, in their incestuous lust
        Ge 19:31-38
    Rebekah, in her partiality for Jacob, and her sharp practice
        to secure for him Isaac's blessing
        Ge 27:11-17
    Rachel, in her jealousy of Leah
        Ge 30:1
    Rachel, in stealing images
        Ge 31:19,34
    Leah, in her imitation of Rachel in the matter of children
        Ge 30:9-18
    Dinah, in her fornication
        Ge 34:1,2
    Tamar, in her adultery
        Ge 38:14-24
    Potiphar's wife, in her lascivious lust and slander against
        Ge 39:7-20
    Zipporah, in her persecution of Moses on account of his
        religious obligations
        Ex 4:25,26
    Miriam, in her sedition with Aaron against Moses
        Nu 12
    Rahab, in her harlotry
        Jos 2:1
    Delilah, in her conspiracy against Samson
        Jud 16:4-20
    Peninnah, the wife of Elkanah, in her jealous taunting of
        1Sa 1:4-8
    The Midianite woman in the camp of Israel, taken in adultery
        Nu 25:6-8
    Michal, in her derision of David's religious zeal
        2Sa 6:16,20-23
    Bath-sheba, in her adultery, in becoming the wife of her
        husband's murderer
        2Sa 11:4,5,27; 12:9,10
    Solomon's wives, in their idolatrous and wicked influence
        over Solomon
        1Ki 11:1-11; Ne 13:26
    Jezebel, in her persecution and destruction of the prophets
        of the Lord
        1Ki 18:4,13
    Jezebel, in her persecution of Elijah
        1Ki 19:2
    Jezebel, in her conspiracy against Naboth, to cheat him out
        of his vineyard
        1Ki 21:1-16
    Jezebel, in her evil counsels to, and influence over, Ahab
        1Ki 21:25; with 21:17-27
        2Ki 9:30-37
    The cannibalistic mothers of Samaria
        2Ki 6:28,29
    Athaliah, in destroying the royal household and usurping the
        2Ki 11:1-16; 2Ch 22:10,12; 23:12-15
    The sodomites of the southern kingdom (Judah)
        2Ki 23:7
    Noadiah, a false prophetess in attempting to intimidate the
        Jews when they were restoring Jerusalem
        Ne 6:14
    Haman's wife, in advising him to hang Mordecai
        Es 5:14; 6:13
    Job's wife, in suggesting to him that he curse God and die
        Job 2:9; 19:17
    Gomer, the adulterous wife of Hosea
        Ho 1:2,3; 3:1
    Herodias, in her incestuous marriage with Herod Antipas
        Mt 14:3,4; Mr 6:17-19; Lu 3:19
    Herodius, by indirectly causing John the Baptist to be
        Mt 14:6-11; Mr 6:24-28
    The daughter of Herodias, in her complicity with her mother
        in securing the death of John the Baptist
        Mt 14:8; Mr 6:18-28
    Sapphira, in her blasphemous falsehood
        Ac 5:2-10
    The woman caught in the act of adultery and brought to Jesus
        in the temple
        Joh 8:1-11

    Of backsliding
        Jer 6:2; Re 17:4,18
    Of evil people
        Isa 32:9,11; Mt 25:1-13

    Of wickedness
        Zec 5:7,8; Re 17; 19:2
    See WIFE
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