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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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    Bride, a type of the body of Christ
        Re 21:2,9; 22:17
    The sanctuary a type of the heavenly sanctuary
        Ex 40:2,24; Heb 8:2,5; 9:1-12
    The saving of Noah and his family, of the salvation through
        the gospel
        1Pe 3:20,21
    Defilement is a type of sin
    Leaven (yeast) is a type of sin
    See LEAVEN
    Ablutions were

        Col 2:17; Heb 9:7-15,18-28; 10:1-10
    High priest, typical of the mediatorship
        Ex 28:1,12,29,30,38; Le 16:15; Zec 6:12,13; with Heb 5;
        8:2; 10:21
    The institutions ordained by Moses
        Mt 26:54; Lu 24:25-27,44-47; Col 2:14-17; Heb 10:1-14
    The sacrifices
        Le 4:2,3,12; Heb 9:7-15,18-25; 10:1-22,29; 13:11-13; 1Pe
        1:19; Re 5:6
    The morning and evening sacrifice
        Joh 1:29,36
    The red heifer
        Nu 19:2-6; with Heb 9:13,14
    The Paschal lamb
        1Co 5:7
    The Bronze Altar
        Ex 27:1,2; with Heb 13:10
    The Bronze Laver
        Ex 30:18-20; with Zec 13:1; Eph 5:26,27
    The Mercy-Seat
        Ex 25:17-22; with Heb 4:16
    The Curtain
        Ex 40:21; 2Ch 3:14; with Heb 10:20
        Joh 6:32-35; 1Co 10:3
    The cities of refuge
        Nu 35:6; with Heb 6:18
    The bronze serpent
        Nu 21:9; Joh 3:14,15
    The Tree of Life
        Ge 2:9; with Joh 1:4; Re 22:2
        Ro 5:14; 1Co 15:45
        Ge 4:8,10; with Heb 12:24
        Ge 5:29; with 2Co 1:5
        Heb 7:1-17
        De 18:15,18; Ac 3:20,22; 7:37; Heb 3:2-6
        2Sa 8:15; Ps 89:19,20; Eze 37:24; Php 2:9
        Isa 22:20-22; Re 3:7
        Jon 1:17; with Mt 12:40
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