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January 20    Scripture

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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-Interesting facts concerning this number

    Week consists of
        Ge 2:3; Ex 20:11; De 5:13,14
    Noah in the ark before the great flood for
        Ge 7:4,10
    Noah remains in the ark after sending forth the dove for
        Ge 8:10,12
    Mourning for Jacob lasted for
        Ge 50:10
    The sympathy for Job by Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar for
        Job 2:13
    The plague of bloody waters in Egypt lasted for
        Ex 7:25
    The Israelites encircled Jericho for
        Jos 6:4
    The Passover lasted for
        Ex 12:15
    Saul directed by Samuel to stay at Gilgal awaiting the
        prophet's command for
        1Sa 10:8; 13:8
    The elders of Jabesh-gilead ask for a truce of
        1Sa 11:3
    Dedication of the temple lasted double
        1Ki 8:65
    Ezekiel sits by the Chebar River in astonishment for
        Eze 3:15
    The Feast of Tabernacles lasted for
        Le 23:34,42
    The consecration of priests and altars lasted for
        Ex 29:30,35; Eze 43:25,26
    Defilements lasted for
        Le 12:2; 13:4
    Fasts of
        1Sa 31:13; 2Sa 12:16,18,22
    The firstborn of flocks and sheep must remain with their
        mothers, before being offered
        Ex 22:30
    The feast of Ahasuerus continued for
        Es 1:5
    Paul waits at Tyre for
        Ac 21:4
    Paul stays at Puteoli for
        Ac 28:14

    In Daniel's vision concerning the coming of the Messiah for
        Da 9:25
    Ten times for
        Da 9:24
    The period between the Passover Feast and the Feast of
        Le 23:15

    Holy convocations in the seventh month
        Le 23:24-44; Nu 29; Eze 45:25

    Jacob serves for each of his wives for
        Ge 29:15-30
    Of abundance for
        Ge 41:1-32,53
    A famine lasted in Egypt for
        Ge 41:1-32,54-56
    A famine lasted in Canaan for
        2Sa 24:13; 2Ki 8:1
    The insanity of Nebuchadnezzar for
        Da 4:32
    Seven times, the period between the jubilees
        Le 25:8

    Of the ceremonially clean creatures taken into Noah's ark
        Ge 7:2
    Abraham gives Abimelech seven lambs
        Ge 21:28
    Rams and bullocks to the number of, required in sarifices
        Le 23:18; Nu 23:1; 29:32; 1Ch 15:26; Eze 45:23
    The sprinkling of blood seven times
        Le 4:6; 14:7
    The sprinkling of oil seven times
        Le 14:16
    Seven cows and seven ears of grain in Pharaoh's vision
        Ge 41:2-7
    The Israelites surrounded Jericho seven times, and on the
        seventh day sounding seven trumpets
        Jos 6:4
    Elisha's servant looked seven times for the appearance of
        1Ki 18:43
    Naaman was required to wash in the Jordan River seven times
        2Ki 5:10
    The seven steps in the temple seen in Ezekiel's vision
        Eze 40:22,26
    The heat of Nebuchadnezzars furnace was intensified
        Da 3:19
    The light of the sun was intensified sevenfold
        Isa 30:26
    The threatened punishment of Israel was sevenfold
        Le 26:18-21
    Silver was purified seven times
        Ps 12:6
    Worshiping seven times a day
        Ps 119:164
    Seven chamberlains at the court of Ahasuerus
        Es 1:10
    Seven princes
        Es 1:14
    Seven counsellors at the court of Artaxerxes
        Ezr 7:14
    Seven maidens given to Esther
        Es 2:9
    Of many sons
        Ru 4:15; 1Sa 2:5; Jer 15:9
    Of liberality
        Ec 11:1,2
    Seven magi (wise men)
        Pr 26:16
    Seven women will seek a polyandrous marriage
        Isa 4:1
    Seven shepherds to be sent forth against Assyria
        Mic 5:5,6
    Seven lamps and pipes
        Zec 4:2
    Seven servants (Greek: diakonoi) in the Jerusalem
        Ac 6:3
    Seven congregations in Asia
        Re 1:4,20
    Seven seals
        Re 5:1
    Seven thunders
        Re 10:3
    Seven heads and seven crowns
        Re 12:3; 13:1; 17:9
    Seven kings
        Re 17:10
    Seven stars
        Re 1:16,20; 3:1; Am 5:8
    Seven spirits
        Re 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6
    Seven eyes of the Lord
        Zec 3:9; 4:10; Re 5:6
    Seven golden lampstands
        Re 1:12
    Seven angels with seven trumpets
        Re 8:2
    Seven plagues
        Re 15:1
    Seven horns and seven eyes
        Re 5:6
    Seven angels with seven plagues
        Re 15:6
    Seven golden vials
        Re 15:7
    The scarlet-colored beast having seven heads
        Re 17:3,7
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