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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-A judge (leader, hero) of Israel
        Jud 16:31

-A Danite, son of Manoah; miraculous birth of; a Nazarite from
        his mother's womb; the mother forbidden to drink wine or
        strong drink, or to eat any ceremonially unclean thing during
        Jud 13:2-7,24,25

-Desires a Philistine woman for his wife; kills a lion
        Jud 14:1-7

-His marriage feast and the riddle propounded
        Jud 14:8-19

-Kills thirty Philistines
        Jud 14:19

-Wife of, estranged
        Jud 14:20; 15:1,2

-Is avenged for the estrangement of his wife
        Jud 15:3-8

-His great strength
        Jud 15:7-14; Heb 11:32

-Kills one-thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey
        Jud 15:13-17

-Miraculously supplied with water
        Jud 15:18,19

-Cohabits with Delilah, a prostitute; her machinations with the
        Philistines to overcome him
        Jud 16:1-20

-Is blinded by the Philistines and confined to hard labor in
        prison; pulls down the pillars of the temple, meets his death,
        and kills a multitude of his enemies
        Jud 16:21-31; Heb 11:32
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