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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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        De 17:17; Le 18:18; Mal 2:14,15; Mt 19:4,5; Mr 10:2-8; 1Ti
        3:2,12; Tit 1:6

        2Sa 12:8

        Ex 21:10; 1Sa 1:2; 2Ch 24:3

-Practiced by
        Job 27:15

        Ge 4:19

        Ge 16

        Ge 26:34; 28:9

        Ge 29:30

        1Ch 4:5

        Jud 8:30

        1Sa 1:2

        1Sa 25:39-44; 2Sa 3:2-5; 5:13; 1Ch 14:3

        1Ki 11:1-8

        2Ch 11:18-23

        2Ch 13:21

        2Ch 21:14

        2Ch 24:3

        2Ki 10

        2Ki 24:15

        Da 5:2

        1Ch 2:8

        Ho 3:1,2

-Mosaic law respecting the firstborn in
        De 21:15-17

-Sought by women
        Isa 4:1

-The evil effects of
    Husband's favoritism in
        De 21:15-17
        Ge 29:30; 30:15
        1Sa 1:5
        2Ch 11:21

-Domestic unhappiness
    In Abraham's family
        Ge 16; 21:9-16
    In Jacob's family
        Ge 29:30-34; 30:1-23
    In Elkanah's family
        1Sa 1:4-7

-With Solomon
        1Ki 11:4-8


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