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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-Ancient use of
        Ge 7:11; 8:4

-Twelve months reckoned to a year
        1Ch 27:1-15

-1. Abib (April)
    The Jewish calendar began with
        Ex 12:2; 13:4; De 16:1
    Passover instituted and celebrated in
        Ex 12:1-28; 23:15
    Israelites left Egypt in
        Ex 13:4
    Tabernacle set up in
        Ex 40:2,17
    Israelites arrive at Zin in
        Nu 20:1
    The Israelites cross the Jordan River in
        Jos 4:19
    The Jordan River overflows in
        1Ch 12:15
    Decree to put the Jews to death in
        Es 3:12
    The death of Jesus in
        Mt 26; 27
    After the captivity called Nisan
        Ne 2:1; Es 3:7

-2. Zif (May)
        1Ki 6:1,37
    Israel numbered in
        Nu 1:1,18
    Passover to be observed in, by the ceremonially unclean and
        others who could not observe it in the first month
        Nu 9:10,11
    Israel departed from the wilderness of Zin in
        Nu 10:11
    Temple begun in
        1Ki 6:1; 2Ch 3:2
    An celebrated in
        2Ch 30:1-27
    Rebuilding of the temple begun in
        Ezr 3:8

-3. Sivan: (June)
        Es 8:9
    Asa renews the covenant of himself and people in
        2Ch 15:10

-4. Tammuz (July)

-(The number only appears in the Bible)
    Jerusalem taken by Nebuchadnezzar in
        Jer 39:2; 52:6,7

-5. Ab (August)

-(Number only mentioned)
    Aaron died on the first day of
        Nu 33:38
    Temple destroyed in
        2Ki 25:8-10; Jer 1:3; 52:12-30
    Ezra arrived at Jerusalem in
        Ezr 7:8,9

-6. Elul (September)
    The wall of Jerusalem finished in
        Ne 6:15
    The temple built in
        Hag 1:14,15

-7. Ethanim (October)
        1Ki 8:2
    Feasts held in
        Le 23:24,27; Ne 8:13-15
    Jubilee proclaimed in
        Le 25:9
    Solomon's temple dedicated in
        1Ki 8:2
    Altar rebuilt and offerings renewed in
        Ezr 3:1,6

-8. Bul (November)
    The temple finished in
        1Ki 6:38
    Jeroboam's idolatrous feast in
        1Ki 12:32,33; 1Ch 27:11

-9. Chisleu (December)
        Ezr 10:9; Jer 36:9,22; Zec 7:1

-10. Tebeth (January)
        Es 2:16
    Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem in
        2Ki 25:1; Jer 52:4

-11. Sebat (February)
        Zec 1:7
    Moses probably died in
        De 1:3

-12. Adar (March)
        Es 3:7
    Second temple finished in
        Ezr 6:15
    Feast of Purim in
        Es 9:1-26
    Months in prophecy
        Re 11:2
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