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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-1. Also called JESHUAH
    A priest, head of the ninth shift
        1Ch 24:11
    973 Of his descendants returned from Babylon
        Ezr 2:36; Ne 7:39

-2. A Levite who had charge of the tithes
        2Ch 31:15
    His descendants returned with Ezra from Babylon
        Ezr 2:40; Ne 7:43

-3. Also called JOSHUA
    A priest who accompanied Zerubbabel from Babylon
        Ezr 2:2; Ne 7:7; 12:1
    Descendants of
        Ne 12:10
    He rebuilt the altar
        Ezr 3:2
    Rebuilt the temple
        Ezr 3:8-13
    Contends with those who sought to defeat the rebuilding of
        the temple
        Ezr 4:1-3; 5:1,2

-4. Father of Jozabad
        Ezr 8:33

-5. Son of Pahath-moab
        Ezr 2:6; Ne 7:11

-6. Father of Ezer
        Ne 3:19

-7. A Levite who explained the law to the people when Ezra read
        it aloud
        Ne 8:7; 12:8

-8. A Levite who sealed Nehemiah's covenant
        Ne 10:9

-9. A city of the tribe of Judah
        Ne 11:26

-10. Joshua called
        Ne 8:17

    Prophecies concerning
        Zec 3; 6:9-15
    See JOSHUA
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