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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-Son of Isaac, and the twin brother of Esau
        Ge 25:24-26; Jos 24:4; 1Ch 1:34; Ac 7:8

-Ancestor of Jesus
        Mt 1:2

-Given in answer to prayer
        Ge 25:21

-Obtains Esau's birthright for just one bowl of stew
        Ge 25:29-34; Heb 12:16

-Fradulently obtains his father's blessing
        Ge 27:1-29; Heb 11:20

-Esau seeks to kill, escapes to Padan-aram
        Ge 27:41-46; 28:1-5; Ho 12:12

-His vision of the ladder
        Ge 28:10-22

-God confirms the covenant of Abraham to
        Ge 28:13-22; 35:9-15; 1Ch 16:13-18

-Sojourns in Haran with his uncle, Laban
        Ge 29:30; Ho 12:12

-Serves fourteen years for Leah and Rachel
        Ge 29:15-30; Ho 12:12

-Sharp practice of, with the flocks and herds of Laban
        Ge 30:32-43

-Dissatisfied with Laban's treatment and returns to the land of
        Ge 31

-Meets angels of God on the journey, and calls the place
        Ge 32:1,2

-Dreads to meet Esau; sends him presents; wrestles with an
        Ge 32

-Name of, changed to "Israel,"
        Ge 32:28; 35:10

-Reconciliation of, with Esau
        Ge 33:4

-Journeys to Succoth
        Ge 33:17

-Journeys to Shalem, where he purchase a parcel of ground from
        Hamor and erects an altar
        Ge 33:18-20

-His daughter, Dinah, is raped
        Ge 34

-Returns to Beth-el, where he builds an altar, and erects and
        dedicates a pillar
        Ge 35:1-7

-Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, dies, and is buried at Beth-el
        Ge 35:8

-Journeys to Ephrath; Benjamin is born to; Rachel dies; and is
        "buried on the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem,"
        Ge 35:16-19; 48:7

-Erects a monument at Rachel's grave
        Ge 35:20

-The incest of his son, Reuben, with his concubine, Bilhah
        Ge 35:22

-List of the names of his twelve sons
        Ge 35:23-26

-Returns to Arbah, the city of his father
        Ge 35:27

-Lives in the land of Canaan
        Ge 37:1

-His partiality for his son, Joseph, and the consequent
        jealousy of his other sons
        Ge 37:3,4

-Joseph's prophetic dream concerning
        Ge 37:9-11

-His grief over the loss of Joseph
        Ge 37:34,35

-Sends to Egypt to buy corn (grain)
        Ge 42:1,2; 43:1-14

-His grief over the detention of Simeon and the demand for
        Benjamin to be taken into Egypt
        Ge 42:36

-His love for Benjamin
        Ge 43:14; 44:29

-Hears that Joseph is still alive
        Ge 45:26-28

-Moves to Egypt
        Ge 46:1-7; 1Sa 12:8; Ps 105:23; Ac 7:14,15

-The list of his children and grandchildren who went down into
        Ge 46:8-27

-Meets Joseph
        Ge 46:28-34

-Pharaoh receives him, and is blessed by Jacob
        Ge 47:1-10

-The land of Goshen assigned to
        Ge 47:11,12,27

-Lives in Egypt for seventeen years
        Ge 47:28

-Exacts a promise from Joseph to bury him with his forefathers
        Ge 47:29-31

-His benediction upon Joseph and his two sons
        Ge 48:15-22

-Gives the land of the Amorites to Joseph
        Ge 48:22; Joh 4:5

-His final prophetic benedictions upon his sons
    Upon Reuben
        Ge 49:3,4
    Simeon and Levi
        Ge 49:5-7
        Ge 49:8-12
        Ge 49:13
        Ge 49:14,15
        Ge 49:16-18
        Ge 49:19
        Ge 49:20
        Ge 49:21
        Ge 49:22-26
        Ge 49:27

-Charges his sons to bury him in the field of Machpelah
        Ge 49:29,30

-Death of
        Ge 49:33

-Body of, embalmed
        Ge 50:2

-40 Days mourning for
        Ge 50:3

-Burial of
        Ge 50:4-13

-Descendants of
        Ge 29:31-35; 30:1-24; 35:18,22-26; 46:8-27; Ex 1:1-5; 1Ch

-Prophecies concerning himself and his descendants
        Ge 25:23; 27:28,29; 28:10-15; 31:3; 35:9-13; 46:3; De 1:8;
        Ps 105:10,11

-His wealth
        Ge 36:6,7

-The well of
        Joh 4:5-30
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