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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-1. Place of the first encampment of the Israelites west of the
        Jordan River
        Jos 4:19; 9:6; 10:6,43; 14:6
    Monument erected in, to commemorate the passage across the
        Jordan River by the people of Israel
        Jos 4:19-24
    Circumcision renewed at
        Jos 5:2-9
    Passover kept at
        Jos 5:10,11
    Manna ceased at, after the Passover
        Jos 5:12
    Quarries at
        Jud 3:19
    Eglon, king of Moab, resides and is slain at
        Jud 3:14-26
    A judgment seat, where Israel, in that district, came to be
        judged by Samuel
        1Sa 7:16
    Saul proclaimed king over all Israel at
        1Sa 11:15
    An altar built at, and sacrifice offered
        1Sa 11:15; 13:4-15; 15:6-23
    Agag, king of the Amalekites, slain at, by Samuel
        1Sa 15:33
    Tribe of Judah assembles at, to proceed to the east side of
        the Jordan River to conduct King David back after the defeat
        of Absalom
        2Sa 19:14,15,40-43
    A school of the prophets at
        2Ki 4:38-40
    Prophecies concerning
        Ho 4:15; 9:15; 12:11; Am 4:4; 5:5

-2. A royal city in Canaan
    Conquered by Joshua
        Jos 12:23
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