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February 24    Scripture

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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-1. King of Israel
    Genealogy of
        Ru 4:18-22; 1Sa 16:11; 17:12; 1Ch 2:3-15; Mt 1:1-6; Lu
    A shepherd
        1Sa 16:11
    Kills a lion and a bear
        1Sa 17:34-36
    Anointed king, while a youth, by the prophet Samuel, and
        1Sa 16:1,13; Ps 89:19-37
    Chosen of God
        Ps 78:70
    Described to Saul
        1Sa 16:18
    Detailed as armor-bearer and musician at Saul's court
        1Sa 16:21-23
    Kills Goliath
        1Sa 17
    The love of Jonathan for
        1Sa 18:1-4
    Popularity and discreetness of
        1Sa 18
    Saul's jealousy of
        1Sa 18:8-30
    Is defrauded of Merab, and given Michal to marry
        1Sa 18:17-27
    Jonathan intercedes for
        1Sa 19:1-7
    Probably writes Psalms Eleven at this period of his life
        Ps 17; 35; 52; 58; 64; 109; 142
    Conducts a campaign against, and defeats the Philistines
        1Sa 19:8
    Saul attempts to kill him; he escapes to Ramah, and lives at
        Naioth, where Saul pursues him
        1Sa 19:9-24
    About this time writes
        Ps 59
    Returns, and Jonathan makes covenant with him
        1Sa 20
    Escapes by way of Nob, where he obtains shewbread and
        Goliath's sword from Abimelech
        1Sa 21:1-6; Mt 12:3,4
    Escapes to Gath
        1Sa 21:10-15
    At this time probably writes
        Ps 34; 35; 52; 56; 120
    Recruits an army of insurgents, goes to Moab, returns to
        1Sa 22
    Probably writes
        Ps 13
    Saves Keilah
        1Sa 23:1-13
    Makes second covenant with Jonathan
        1Sa 23:16-18
    Goes to the wilderness of Ziph, is betrayed to Saul
        1Sa 23:13-26
    Writes a psalm on the betrayal
        Ps 54
    And probably
        Ps 22; 31; 34; 140
    Saul is diverted from pursuit of
        1Sa 23:27,28
    At this time probably writes
        Ps 12; 22
    Goes to En-gedi
        1Sa 23:29
    Refrains from killing Saul
        1Sa 24
        Ps 57
    Covenants with Saul
        1Sa 26
    Marries Nabal's widow, Abigail, and Ahinoam
        1Sa 25
    Lives in the wilderness of Ziph, has opportunity to kill
        Saul, but only takes his spear; Saul is contrite
        1Sa 26
    Flees to Achish and lives in Ziklag
        1Sa 27
    The list of men who join him
        1Ch 12:1-22
    Conducts an expedition against Amalekites, misstates the
        facts to Achish
        1Sa 27:8-12
    At this time probably writes
        Ps 141
    Is refused permission to accompany the Philistines to battle
        against the Israelites
        1Sa 28:1,2; 29
    Rescues the people of Ziklag, who had been captured by the
        1Sa 30
    Probably writes
        Ps 18; 20; 21
    Death and burial of Saul and his sons
        1Sa 31; 2Sa 21:1-14
    Kills the murderer of Saul
        2Sa 1:1-16
    Lamentation over Saul
        2Sa 1:17-27
    After living for one year and four months at Ziklag
        1Sa 27:7
    David goes to Hebron, and is anointed king by Judah
        2Sa 2:1-4,11; 5:5; 1Ki 2:11; 1Ch 3:4; 11:1-3
    The list of those who join him at Hebron
        1Ch 12:23-40
    Ish-bosheth, son of Saul, crowned
        2Sa 2:4
    David wages war against and defeats Ish-bosheth
        2Sa 2:13-32; 3:4
    Demands the restoration of Michal, his wife
        2Sa 3:14-16
    Abner revolts from Ish-bosheth, and joins David, but is
        killed by Joab
        2Sa 3
    Punishes Ish-bosheth's murderers
        2Sa 4
    Anointed king over all Israel, after reigning over Judah at
        Hebron for seven years and six months, and reigns
        thirty-three years
        2Sa 2:11; 5:5; 1Ch 3:4; 11:1-3; 12:23-40; 29:27
    Makes conquest of Jerusalem
        2Sa 5:6; 1Ch 11:4-8; Isa 29:1
    Builds a palace
        2Sa 5:11; 2Ch 2:3
    Friendship of, with Hiram, king of Tyre
        2Sa 5:11; 1Ki 5:1
    Prospered of God
        2Sa 5:10; 1Ch 11:9
    Fame of
        1Ch 14:17
    Philistines make war against, and are defeated by him
        2Sa 5:17,25
    Assembles thirty-thousand men to escort the ark of the
        covenant to Jerusalem with music and thanksgiving
        2Sa 6:1-5
    Uzzah is struck down when he attempts to steady the ark of
        the covenant
        2Sa 6:6-11
    David is terrified, and leaves the ark at the house of
        2Sa 6:9-11
    After three months, David brings the ark of the covenant to
        Jerusalem with dancing and great joy
        2Sa 6:12-16; 1Ch 13
    Organized the tabernacle service
        1Ch 9:22; 15:16-24; 16:4-6,37-43
    Offers sacrifice, distributes gifts, and blesses the people
        2Sa 6:17-19
    Michal rebukes him for his religious enthusiasm
        2Sa 6:20-23
    Desires to build a temple, is forbidden, but receives God's
        promise that his seed should reign forever
        2Sa 7:12-16; 23:5; 1Ch 17:11-14; 2Ch 6:16; Ps 89:3,4;
        132:11,12; Ac 15:16; Ro 15:12
    Interpretation and fulfillment of this prophecy
        Ac 13:22,23
    At this time, probably, David writes
        Ps 15; 16; 24; 101; 138
    Conquers the Philistines, Moabites, and Syria
        2Sa 8
    Treats Mephibosheth, the lame son of Saul, with great
        2Sa 9:6; 19:24-30
    Sends commissioners with a message of sympathy to Hanun, son
        of the king of Ammon; the message is misinterpreted, and
        commissioners treated with indignity; David retaliates by
        invading, and defeats the combined armies of the Ammonites
        and Syrians
        2Sa 10; 1Ch 19
    Probably writes
        Ps 18; 20; 21
    Commits adultery with Bath-sheba
        2Sa 11:2-5
    Wickedly causes the death of Uriah
        2Sa 11:6-25
    Takes Bath-sheba to be his wife
        2Sa 11:26,27
    Is rebuked by the prophet Nathan
        2Sa 12:1-14
    Repents of his crime and confesses his guilt
        Ps 6; 32; 38; 39; 40; 51
    Is chastised with grievous affliction on account of his
        Ps 38; 41; 69
    Death of his infant son (born from Bath-sheba)
        2Sa 12:15-23
    Solomon is born to
        2Sa 12:24,25
    Ammonites defeated and tortured
        2Sa 12:26-31
    Amnon's crime, his murder by Absalom, and Absalom's flight
        2Sa 13
    Absalom's return
        2Sa 14:1-24
    Absalom's usurpation
        2Sa 14; 15
    David's flight from Jerusalem
        2Sa 15:13-37
    He probably writes, at this time
        Ps 5; 7; 26; 61; 63; 69; 70; 86; 143
    Shimei curses him
        2Sa 16
    Crosses the Jordan River
        2Sa 17:21-29
    Absalom's defeat and death
        2Sa 18
    Laments the death of Absalom
        2Sa 18:33; 19:1-4
    Rebuked by Joab
        2Sa 19:5-7
    David rebukes the priests for not showing loyalty amid the
        complaints of the people against him
        2Sa 19:9-15
    Shimei begs for clemency
        2Sa 19:16-23
    Mephibosheth begs for the king's favor
        2Sa 19:24-30
    Barzillai rewarded
        2Sa 19:31-40
    Judah accused by the ten tribes of stealing him away
        2Sa 19:41-43
    Returns to Jerusalem
        2Sa 20:1-3
    At this time, probably, David composes
        Ps 27; 66; 122; 144
    Sheba's conspiracy against David, and his death
        2Sa 20
    Makes Amasa general
        2Sa 19:13
    Amasa is killed
        2Sa 20:4-10
    Consigns seven sons of Saul to the Gibeonites to be killed
        to atone for Saul's persecution of the Gibeonites
        2Sa 21:1-14
    Buries Saul's bones, and the bones of his sons
        2Sa 21:12-14
    Defeats the Philistines
        2Sa 21:15-22; 1Ch 20:4-8
    Takes the military strength of Israel without divine
        authority, and is reproved
        2Sa 24; 1Ch 21; 27:24
    Probably composes
        Ps 30; 131
    Marries Abishag
        1Ki 1:1-4
    Probably composes
        Ps 19; 111
    Adonijah usurps the sceptre; Solomon appointed to the throne
        1Ki 1; 1Ch 23:1
    Delivers his charge to Solomon
        1Ki 2:1-11; 1Ch 22:6-19; 28; 29
    Probably composes
        Ps 23; 145
    Last words of
        2Sa 23:1-7
    Death of
        1Ki 2:10; 1Ch 29:28; Ac 2:29,30
    Sepulchre of
        Ac 2:29
    Age of, at death
        2Sa 5:4,5; 1Ch 29:28
    Length of reign, forty years
        1Ki 2:11; 1Ch 29:27,28
    Wives of
        2Sa 3:2-5
    Children born
    At Hebron
        2Sa 3:2-5; 1Ch 3:4
    At Jerusalem
        2Sa 5:14-16; 1Ch 3:5-8; 14:4-7
    Descendants of
        1Ch 3
    Civil and military officers of
        2Sa 8:16-18
    Lists of his heroes, and of their exploits
        2Sa 23; 1Ch 11; 12:23-40
    Devoutness of
        1Sa 13:14; 2Sa 6:5,14,18; 7:18-29; 8:11; 24:25; 1Ki
        3:14; 1Ch 17:16-27; 29:10; 2Ch 7:17; Zec 12:8; Ps 6; 7;
        11; 13; 17; 22; 26; 27:7-14; 28; 31; 35; 37
    Justice in the administration of
        2Sa 8:15; 1Ch 18:14
    Discreetness of
        1Sa 18:14,30
    Meekness of
        1Sa 24:7; 26:11; 2Sa 16:11; 19:22,23
        2Sa 19:23
    David as musician
        1Sa 16:21-23; 1Ch 15:16; 23:5; 2Ch 7:6; 29:26; Ne 12:36;
        Am 6:5
    David as poet
        2Sa 22
    David as prophet
        2Sa 23:2-7; 1Ch 28:19; Mt 22:41-46; Ac 2:25-38; 4:25
    Type of Christ
        Ps 2; 16; 18:43; 69:7-9
    Jesus called son of
        Mt 9:27; 12:23; 15:22; 20:30,31; 21:9; 22:42; Mr
        10:47,48; Lu 18:37,39
    Prophecies concerning him and his kingdom
        Nu 24:17,19; 2Sa 7:11-16; 1Ch 17:9-14; 22; 2Ch 6:5-17;
        13:5; 21:7; Ps 89:19-37; Isa 9:7; 16:5; 22:20-25; Jer
        23:5; 33:15-26; Lu 1:32,33
    Chronicles of, written by Samuel, Nathan, and Gad
        1Ch 29:29,30

-2. A prophetic name for Christ
        Jer 30:9; Eze 34:23,24; 37:24,25; Ho 3:5
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