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Naves Topical Bible Dictionary


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-Lineage of
        Ex 6:16-20; Jos 21:4,10; 1Ch 6:2,3; 23:13

-Marriage of
        Ex 6:23

-Children of
        Ex 6:23,25; 1Ch 6:3; 24:1,2

-Descendants of
        Ex 6:23,25; 1Ch 6:3-15,50-53; 24

-Meets, Moses in the wilderness and is made spokesman for Moses
        Ex 4:14-16,27-31; 7:1,2

-Inspiration of
        Ex 12:1; Le 10:8; 11:1; 13:1; 15:1; Nu 2:1; 4:1,17; 18:1;
        19:1; 20:12

-Commissioned as a deliverer of Israel
        Ex 6:13,26,27; Jos 24:5; 1Sa 12:8; Ps 77:20; 105:26; Mic

-Summoned to Sinai with Nadab, Abihu, and seventy elders
        Ex 19:24; 24:1,9,10

-Priesthood of
        Ex 28:1; 29:9; Nu 17; 18:1; Ps 99:6; Heb 5:4

-Consecration of, to the priesthood
        Ex 28; 29; Le 8

-Enters upon the priestly office
        Le 9

-Descendants of, ordained priests forever
        Ex 28:40-43; 29:9; Nu 3:3; 18:1; 1Ch 23:13; 2Ch 26:18

-Judges Israel in the absence of Moses
        Ex 24:14

-Makes the golden calf
        Ex 32; Ac 7:40; De 9:20,21

-Rod of, buds
        Nu 17; Heb 9:4

        Nu 17; Heb 9:4

-Murmured against, by the people
        Ex 5:20,21; 16:2-10; Nu 14:2-5,10; 16:3-11,41; 20:2; Ps

-Places pot of manna in the ark
        Ex 16:34

-With Hur supports the hands of Moses during Battle
        Ex 17:12

-His benedictions upon the people
        Le 9:22; Nu 6:23

-Forbidden to mourn the death of his son, Nadab and Abihu
        Le 10:6,19

-Intercedes for Miriam
        Nu 12:11,12

-Stays the plague by priestly intercession
        Nu 16:46-48

-Jealous of Moses
        Nu 12:1

-His presumption, when the rock is smitten
        Nu 20:10-12

-Not permitted to enter Canaan
        Nu 20:12,23-29

-Age of, at death
        Ex 7:7; Nu 33:38,39

-Death and burial of
        Nu 20:27,28; De 10:6; 32:50

-Character of
        Ps 106:16

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