Religion of the Northern Kingdom


map-small.jpg All of the 19 kings of the northern kingdom were evil and led Israel into the worship of the golden calf. Many of them also served Baal, yet none of them ever made one attempt to restore the true religion of Yahweh.


Jeroboam founded the northern kingdom of Israel and established calf-worship, which was the religion of Egypt. It wasn't long before the calf became the popular symbol that would stand for Israel's independence from Judah. In fact calf-worship was so deeply rooted into the lives of those living in the northern kingdom, that it was the not completely done away with until the utter destruction of Israel.


Baal worship was introduced to Israel by Queen Jezebel, and it lasted for about 30 years. Baal worship was finally done away with during the ministries of Elijah and Elishah.


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Map of the Divided Kingdom
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Map of Israel and Judah
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