map-small.jpg Later King Asa fought back and allied with Ben-Hadad of Damascus who gladly invaded Israel in the far north at Dan and through Abel-beth-maacah, Hazor (according to archaeology) and then Chinnereth.


King Asa of Judah had predicted accurately, Baasha withdrew his troops from his southern border in order to defend the northern kingdom of Israel from the invading army of Damascus of Syria. At this time King Asa attacked the border and captured Ramah breaking apart the fortress that Israel was building.


With the stones and timbers of the unfinished fortress of Ramah, King Asa built a fortress at his border which was Geba and Mizpah. Archeologists have uncovered many remains of the events during this time period, including a massive wall.


With Bethel so close, only ten miles away, the threat from the north was always imminent for those living in Judah.


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